Top 20 most funded RPG kickstarters of 2019

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Top 20 most funded RPG kickstarters of 2019

This page features an overview of the top 20 most funded RPG kickstarters of 2019. I’ll keep updating the page throughout the year to see which RPGs end up where. Please note that all amounts mentioned are in Euro and are based on the conversion rate at the moment of recording the kickstarter. Due to currency fluctuations the amount might be a bit off when compared to the kickstarter page at a later date.

No.TitlePublisherMoney raised (€)No. of backersEnd dateLink
1)Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying GameGreater Than Games312.7692.92522/02/19Sentinel Comics
2)Lunars: Fangs at the Gate for Exalted 3rd Ed.Onyx Path Publishing254.4142.37914/03/19Lunars
3)Rise of the DrowAAW Games188.2961.78321/03/19Rise of the Drow
4)Carbon 2185Dragon Turtle Games164.0653.19415/02/19Carbon 2185
5)Treacherous Traps for 5th Edition!Nord Games140.8073.09423/01/19Treacherous Traps
6)Graphic Novel AdventuresVan Ryder Games133.8211.96926/03/19Graphic Novel Adventures
7)Lasers & LichesChris Lock90.0681.65414/03/19Lasers & Liches
8)GODSArkhane Asylum Publishing61.59278028/03/19Gods
9)Reach of TitanThird Act Publishing58.9471.14201/03/19Reach of Titan
10)Interface Zero 3.0Gun Metal Games52.8231.30828/02/19Interface Zero
11)Into the Wyrd and WildEditon One51.8331.54207/01/19Into the Wyrd and Wild
12)Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2Steve Jackson Games48.4331.01922/03/19Dungeon Fantasy Monsters
13)Silent TitansSwordfish Islands LLC48.34799505/01/19Silent Titans
14)The Fantasy Trip AdventuresSteve Jackson Games46.8321.37515/01/19The Fantasy Trip Adventures
15)Lex Occultum - Carta MonstrorumRiot Minds45.13976825/02/19Lex Occultum
16)They Came from Beneath the Sea!Onyx Path Publishing41.66790824/01/19They came from beneath the Sea
17)A Pound of FleshTuesday Knight Games38.5261.28607/03/19A Pound of Flesh
18)Map Maker AdventuresOne Page Gaming36.09085519/01/19Map Maker Adventures
19)Ordinary TownsLegendary Pants35.4421.32403/03/19Ordinary Towns
20)Vulcania Gear Games33.03262213/02/19Vulcania
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