Top 20 most funded RPG kickstarters of 2019

This page features an overview of the top 20 most funded RPG kickstarters of 2019. I’ll keep updating the page throughout the year to see which RPGs end up where. Please note that all amounts mentioned are in Euro and are based on the conversion rate at the moment of recording the kickstarter. Due to currency fluctuations the amount might be a bit off when compared to the kickstarter page at a later date.

No.TitlePublisherMoney raised (€)No. of backersEnd dateLink
1)Treacherous Traps for 5th Edition!Nord Games140.8073.09423/1/19
2)Into the Wyrd and WildEditon One51.8331.5427/1/19
3)Silent TitansSwordfish Islands LLC48.3479955/1/19
4)The Fantasy Trip AdventuresSteve Jackson Games46.8321.37515/1/19
5)They Came from Beneath the Sea!Onyx Path Publishing41.66790824/1/19
6)Map Maker AdventuresOne Page Gaming36.09085519/1/19
7)Low Fantasy GamingPickpocket Press19.3158556/1/19
8)The NoticeboardWisdom Save Media16.12623010/1/19
9)The Streets of AvalonEncoded Designs11.98573117/1/19
10)TaleHans Olav Ekornrød11.4642044/1/19
11)Castles & Crusades: Den of IniquityStephen Chenault11.11424126/1/19
12)Adventure Post: A Path of Self-LearningShawn Michael Hescock8.80032731/1/19
13)Secretum Mundi - The book of the Secret WorldGreg Saunders5.49237529/1/19
14)Gauntlets & GaslightIGS3.772827/1/19
15)Make100: Era: LyresShades of Vengeance3.19110120/1/19
16)Retro 1E & 5E Fantasy Mini-Adventure Set 2Art of the Genre2.87112116/1/19
17)Maelstrom Rome RPGGraham Bottley2.4351419/1/19
18)Whisper in the CragsFail Squad Games1.5993194/1/19
19)Off the Beaten Path, Mountain ExcursionsThom Wilson1.47116218/1/19
20)Choose Your Way Micro Action BookletsJan Karel de Wolff1.14111028/1/19
Total RPG kickstarters (ended in 2019)24
Last Modified:February 1, 2019
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