Top 20 most funded boardgame kickstarters of 2019

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Top 20 most funded boardgame kickstarters of 2019

This page features an overview of the top 20 most funded boardgame kickstarters of 2019. I’ll keep updating the page throughout the year to see which games end up where. Please note that all amounts mentioned are in Euro and are based on the conversion rate at the moment of recording the kickstarter. Due to currency fluctuations the amount might be a bit off when compared to the kickstarter page at a later date.

No.TitlePublisherMoney raised (€)No. of backersEnd dateLink
1)Throw Throw BurritoExploding Kittens2.281.07453.64529/03/19Throw Throw Burrito
2)Suburbia Collector's EditionBezier Games1.595.47012.42813/02/19Suburbia Collector's Edition
3)Shadows of Brimstone AdventuresFlying Frog Productions1.023.2574.01710/03/19Shadows of Brimstone
4)Vindication® BoardgameOrange Nebula727.49110.21814/02/19Vindication
5)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures City FallIDW Games710.3253.99709/02/19Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures
6)Dark Rituals: Malleus MaleficarumDark Gate Games642.5934.65613/02/19Dark Rituals Malleus Maleficarum
7)Munchkin DungeonCMON618.7676.44319/02/19Munchkin Dungeon
8)Paladins of the West KingdomGarphill Games551.8407.54922/03/19Paladins of the West Kingdom
9)Tiny Epic TacticsGamelyn Games539.18413.39807/03/19Tiny Epic Tactics
10)HyperspacePetersen Games538.3603.22222/02/19Hyperspace
11)Aeon's End: The New AgeIndie Boards and Cards466.8655.43115/03/19Aeon's End
13)ParksKeymaster Games369.3729.78120/02/19Parks
14)Millennium Blades: CollusionLevel 99 Games330.9204.38204/03/19Millennium Blades
15)Western Legends: Ante Up!Kolossal Games307.7936.81924/01/19Western Legends Ante Up
16)Alone™: 2nd PrintHorrible Games300.7653.50409/03/19Alone
17)Waste Knights: Second EditionGalakta Games298.8354.42113/03/19Waste Knights
18)WavelengthAlex Hague288.6758.67408/03/19Wavelength
19)Valor & Villainy: Minions of MordakSkybound Games274.5094.99816/02/19Valor & Villainy Minions of Mordak
20)Rival RestaurantsGap Closer Games269.5844.19119/02/19Rival Restaurants
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