New Dungeons and Dragons movie planned

new dungeons and dragons movie

Warner Bros. Pictures, Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures and Sweetpea Entertainment are planning a new Dungeons and Dragons movie set in the Forgotten Realms. 15 years ago Dungeons & Dragons the movie hit movie theaters and … well, it wasn’t exactly a succes story. I remember being incredibly pissed off when I saw the movie. I was big into dwarves at the time. Like all … Read more

2015 ENnie award winners announced

ENnie Awards

As tradition dictates, the 2015 ENnie award winners were announced during the yearly GenCon convention. And the winners are … Chaosium Gold ENnie – Best Adventure for Horror on the Orient Express Silver ENnie – Best Production Values for Horror on the Orient Express Evil Hat Productions Gold ENnie – Best RPG Related Product for Designers … Read more

Sometimes you get lucky


Sometimes you get lucky. I’m on this facebook group of Belgian and Dutch people who sell fantasy and sci-fi stuff. Someone posts a number of pictures, a Lord of the Rings game, Planescape Planes of Chaos box, TSR rack, … Wait, what? A TSR rack? A quick message later I have a phonenumber. Lucky me: … Read more

Necromancer Games Fifth Edition


Necromancer Games Fifth Edition is coming ! Necromancer Games is back ! Remember the old “3rd edition rules, 1st edition feel” slogan ? It’s back and updated to 5th edition as the Necromancer Games/Frog God Games crew teams up with some big names in the industry ! For those of you who don’t know Necromancer … Read more

Non Dungeons and Dragons RPGs – March Madness Day 1

call of cthulhu rpg

I’m sure you’ve seen them before: blog carnivals, blog hops, 30 days challenges and more. In the past I’ve stayed away from these sort of things as they require a good amount of output. Looking at the previous years I wasn’t even able to keep my 1 post per week target but for some reason … Read more

Collection update and goals 2014

collection update

As per the Acaeum’s essay on collection ins and outs I set up a number of collection goals for 2013. In this post I will take a look at those goals and see whether I achieved them or not. In addition I will also provide the collection update and goals 2014. 2013 Short term goals review … Read more

A History of D&D In 12 Treasures

Playing at the world cover

Role-playing game historian Jon Peterson, author of Playing at the World, reviews twelve rare artifacts that grant us unique insight to the initial development of Dungeons & Dragons. They include original documents from Braunstein, an early letter from Gary Gygax on the medieval setting, Dave Arneson’s notes for his own early medieval game, fanzines and … Read more