Pathfinder Society Hasselt Event 2 – October 2013

Pathfinder Society Season 5 logo

The second event of the Pathfinder Society Hasselt took place on the 19th of October and featured a similar amount of player’s as the Pathfinder Society Hasselt September event. After playing the introduction scenario In service to lore during the first event, this time Season 5 was officially kicked off.  The adventures which were run … Read more

Campaigns & Adventures : Pathfinder Society Hasselt Event 1 – September 2013

Pathfinder Society Season 5 logo

The 21st of September marked the day of Pathfinder Society Hasselt’s inaugural event. Pathfinder Society Hasselt is one of the first, if not the first, Pathfinder Lodges in Belgium and I was very happy to be present for its first event. It was decided to keep the event quite small as a testcase, to figure … Read more

Campaigns & Adventures : Pathfinder Society character creation Henricus Janovius Corentyn

Henricus Janovius Corentyn Selfportrait

Last year I shared the character write-up of Henricus Janovius Corentyn. I had created the character for a one-on-one Pathfinder RPG campaign and decided that I wanted to make Henricus my official Pathfinder Society character as well. This needed some changes in the character build however in order to comply with Pathfinder Society rules. Character … Read more

Emerald Spire All-stars panel at GenCon 2013

Emerald Spire cover

The Emerald Spire is a superdungeon set in the Pathfinder campaign world of Golarion. It will be published in book format as a reward for the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter. The Emerald Spire Superdungeon includes 32 pages of source material detailing the area around Fort Inevitable, one of the starter towns in the Pathfinder Online game plus several dungeon … Read more