Pathfinder Campaign – Session 0: Character write-up Henricus Janovius Corentyn

Brotherhood of the wolf movie still

It seems I will be playing in a number of Pathfinder sessions so it’s time to think up a character. Below is my character write-up, pending DM’s approval of course. Character Henricus Janovius Corentyn is the youngest son of the Corentyn family. Having 3 older brothers and a sister vying for a future inheritance, his … Read more

RPG Goodies October 2011

PZO1119 Beginner Box cover

  CHA0406 – Dead Leaves Fall For children, Halloween brings to mind candy and costumes, wearing a mask and saying the magic words “trick or treat. For some adults Halloween is a time of physical and spiritual transition. The earth is shedding its skin like dead leaves falling, and men reflect in fear on the … Read more

Frog God Games announces Rappan Athuk

Rappan Athuk

Great news today from Bill Webb at Frog God Games who announced a Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry version of his mega-dungeon Rappan Athuk. Rappan Athuk rose to fame during Bill’s days at Necromancer Games, where he published the dungeon first in three separate installments for the D20 ruleset : Rappan Athuk 1 : The … Read more

My visit to Spiel Essen 2011 (2)

Logo spiel

I returned to Spiel Essen on sunday hoping to get some big discounts on stuff. Unfortunately the booth with the big discounts (80% off on 3.0 and 3.5 stuff with the purchase of 5 or more books) was gone. So I continued my search elsewhere and here’s what I found : D20 – MGP4403 The … Read more