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Fading Suns RPG – Science Fiction – March Madness Day 10


This is the tenth post and at the moment I’m writing this, I’ve only done 2 others. A good lesson for future blog challenges. Start working on posts before the challenge begins. The questions of the March Madness Non-D&D OSR Blog Challenge at the Tomb of Tedenkhamen blog deal with non D&D roleplaying games. As my collection consists of a good number of non-D&D RPGs, I decided to take up the challenge.

March Madness Non-D&D OSR Blog Challenge Question 10: What science fiction RPG have you enjoyed most?

I’m not a big fan of science fiction. Although I did watch the Battlestar Galactica series, I’ve never really been into Star Trek, Stargate, or Star Wars. Firefly was pretty cool though and Yoda is the man! When it comes to role playing games, the science fiction game I really like is the Fading Suns RPG.

Fading Suns RPG

Fading suns RPGFading Suns is a science fiction role playing game that was first published by Holistic Design in 1996. A second edition of the game was published in 1999, also by Holistic Design. In 2000, with the advent of the D20 system, Fading Suns received a D20 version and a number of books were published using dual stats. In 2007 Red Brick Limited took a license on the Fading Suns world and published the 2nd edition revised and a few supplements. In 2012 the current version of Fading Suns was published by FASA.

In Fading Suns humanity has taken to the stars. Huge technological advances made space travel more and more easy and all of a sudden a jump gate is discovered beyond which lie multiple other star systems. And so the diaspora begins and the First Republic collapses. Planet after planet is discovered and humanity finds it’s not alone in the universe. Their run-ins with aliens don’t always go as planned but the Second Republic is the summon of human ability and technology. And then the suns start fading and the church preaches how humanity has sinned all these centuries and how the Pancreator is now punishing them. Noble houses pop up to take control and we go back to a sort of dark ages with hints of technology. There are still computers called think machines but almost no one remembers how to use them. There are spaceships but only certain guilds know the secrets of flying a space ship and have the codes to enter a jump gate.

I really like this game because when you read its history going all the way up to the year 4996, you can but smile and nod and think ‘That’s exactly how it will go’. You have the companies who become bigger and bigger and become as powerful as nations, you have the contacts with ‘inferior’ alien races whose worlds are plundered and whose inhabitants are sent off to reservations (sound familiar?), you have the contacts with the Vau, a vastly superior alien race that obliterates a complete human fleet. So what does humanity do? Send a bigger army over there. You see nobles and church officials make deals that keep them in power and the population under control, …

You can take this setting in a Star Wars direction with space ships battling one another, and players travelling from one planet to the next in search of adventure, you can play this game as a very dark and gritty fantasy game which has hints of technology, you could make it an intrigue-laden mix of nobles fighting for power, … The possibilities, as the game’s star systems, are endless. The fluff is great. And almost all of the books below are setting material. There are only very few published adventures available for Fading Suns. In conclusion it’s an incredibly rich setting and just browsing through the books makes me want to create a character and start playing.

Fading Suns RPG Collection


Introduction to the Fading Suns rpg
FS #200 Fading Suns
FS #201 Gamemasters Screen & Weapons Compendium
FS #202 Fading Suns Second Edition Rulebook
FS #203 Gamemasters Screen & Complete Pandemonium
FS #204 Fading Suns D20
FS #225 Forbidden Lore: Technology
FS #226 Lords of the Known Worlds
FS #227 Weird Places
FS #228 Priests of the Celestial Sun
FS #229 Fading Suns Players Compendium
FS #230 The Dark between the Stars
FS #231 Merchants of the Jumpweb
FS #232 Children of the Gods: Obun & Ukar
FS #233 Sinners & Saints
FS #234 The Sinful Stars: Tales of the Fading Suns
FS #235 War in the Heavens: Lifeweb
FS #236 Imperial Survey 1 – Hawkwood Fiefs
FS #237 Legions of the Empire
FS #238 Imperial Survey 2 – Al Malik Fiefs
FS #239 Star Crusade
FS #240 Star Crusade 2 – Lost worlds
FS #241 Imperial Survey 3 – Hazat Fiefs
FS #242 Passion Play – Live Action Roleplaying
FS #243 Lords & Priests
FS #244 War in the Heavens: Hegemony
FS #245 Imperial Survey 4 – Li Halan Fiefs
FS #246 Vorox
FS #247 Into the dark
FS #248 Secret Societies: Spies and Revolutionaries
FS #249 Imperial Survey 5 – Decados Fiefs
FS #250 Secret Societies: Heretics and Outsiders
FS #251 Aliens & Deviltry
FS #252 Lord Erbian’s Stellar Bestiary
FS #253 Worlds of the Realm: The collected Imperial Survey
FS #255 Fading Suns D20 Character Codex
FS #256 Orphaned Races: Ascorbites & Hironem
FS #275 Byzantium Secundus
  Emperor of the Fading Suns PC Game (1997)
RBL1000 Fading Suns Revised Second Edition Hardcover
RBL1000 Fading Suns Revised Second Edition Softcover
RBL1001 A road so dark pdf
RBL1002 Church fiefs
RBL1003 Arcane Tech (Ltd afgesneden bovenkant)
RBL1004 Kraken’s Loom pdf
RBL1005 Ruinous folly pdf
RBL1006 Dead end pdf
RBL1007 Shards collection Volume 1 Softcover
RBL1007 Shards collection Volume 1 Hardcover
FAS21001 Fading Suns Player’s Guide
FAS21002 Fading Suns Game Master’s Guide

Entries in bold are in my Fading Suns RPG collection


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Ralph is a gamer, dungeon master, Youtuber, and RPG collector who's incredibly passionate about roleplaying games. Coming from a computer roleplaying game background, he discovered tabletop roleplaying games at GenCon Benelux and a whole new world opened up. When he was properly introduced to them in a local gaming store, he knew he had found the best game ever!

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  • It’s indeed a brilliant game 🙂

    It is worth to mention that all Fading Suns books are now, till Friday, at 30% off at Drivethrurpg’s GM’s Day.

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