August 6

RPGADAY2019 Day 6 – Ancient


RPGADAY2019 Day 6 and the topic is ancient so I have to talk about Cthulhu, right? So I thought I’d issue a challenge to Sandy Petersen. 

As the designer of Call of Cthulhu and Cthulhu Wars I think he has earned the right to have the biggest Cthulhu miniature on the market. However CMON just sent me the expansion of Cthulhu may die, which has a gigantic Cthulhu Statue. If there’s a wrong that needs to be righted, it should be that. 

Sandy was kind enough to reply to the challenge on different social media. All in good fun of course. 

If you enjoy some good old Cthulhu madness, you can purchase Petersen Games products through these affiliate links (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases): 


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Ralph is a gamer, dungeon master, Youtuber, and RPG collector who's incredibly passionate about roleplaying games. Coming from a computer roleplaying game background, he discovered tabletop roleplaying games at GenCon Benelux and a whole new world opened up. When he was properly introduced to them in a local gaming store, he knew he had found the best game ever!

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