Dissecting Cthulhu

Dissecting Cthulhu cover

Dissecting Cthulhu, published by Miskatonic River Press, is a collection of essays that prints many of the seminal essays on the Cthulhu Mythos, ranging from pioneering articles by Richard L. Tierney and Dirk W. Mosig that strip away Derleth’s misconceptions about Lovecraft’s pseudomythology, to penetrating studies by Robert M. Price, Will Murray, Steven J. Mariconda, … Read more

Frog God Games announces Rappan Athuk

Rappan Athuk

Great news today from Bill Webb at Frog God Games who announced a Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry version of his mega-dungeon Rappan Athuk. Rappan Athuk rose to fame during Bill’s days at Necromancer Games, where he published the dungeon first in three separate installments for the D20 ruleset : Rappan Athuk 1 : The … Read more

My visit to Spiel Essen 2011 (2)

Logo spiel

I returned to Spiel Essen on sunday hoping to get some big discounts on stuff. Unfortunately the booth with the big discounts (80% off on 3.0 and 3.5 stuff with the purchase of 5 or more books) was gone. So I continued my search elsewhere and here’s what I found : D20 – MGP4403 The … Read more

My visit to Spiel Essen 2011 (1)

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Today I travelled to the Spiel Essen Gamefair in Germany, a place that I visit every year. Every year I get the impression that there’s less and less things for me to see there and still I return. The hall with all the RPG stuff wasn’t used fully anymore this year. I heard from some … Read more

Buccaneer Bass Inn

Buccaneer Bass News Item Inn

“First you serve me stale bread and sour meat, then you try to pass this cat juice off as wine, and now you’re telling me I can’t take back my coins from the fish bowl when all it spews out is utter gibberish? What kind of scam is this? I could get you people thrown … Read more