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RPG Highlights on Kickstarter WK 9 – 10, 2019


The list of RPG Highlights seems to get longer with every new overview. This time I’m highlighting 12 kickstarter projects that are ending between the 25th of February and the 10th of March.

Zinequest is also still ongoing as you will be able to tell from the enormous list of zines at the bottom of the article.

Arcane Scrollworks 3

Skeleton Key Games hits kickstarter for the third time, this time to bring a number of third level spells into reality as hand-finished props. The artwork is absolutely stunning!

The Arcane Scrollworks kickstarter has already funded and ends on the 25th of February. Check out Skeleton Key Games on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or buy some of their products on DriveThruRPG!

Diception: Carnival Conquest

Diception: Carnival Conquest by Deep Dungeon Games is a collection of mini-games, inspired by festivals and carnivals, for use in tabletop roleplaying games.

The Diception kickstarter has already funded and is ending on the 26th of February. Follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter, and pick up some Session Zero products on DriveThruRPG!

Interface Zero 3.0

Interface Zero by Gun Metal Games aims to fund the core rulebook for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the GMs Guide to 2095. In the books you’ll find Setting information, new Threats, updated Races, Campaign Themes, City Trappings, and much more!

The Interface Zero kickstarter has already funded and is ending on the 28th of February. Follow their progress on Facebook and pick up some other Gun Metal Games releases on DriveThruRPG.

The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion

The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion by Psychoda Press is a source book for generating angels, relics, and various elements of religions for DCC RPG campaigns and can be easily converted to any OSR system.

The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion kickstarter has already been funded and is ending on the 28th of February.

Hudson & Brand: Shadows of the Past

Hudson & Brand: Shadows of the Past by Stygian Fox Publishing is a Cthulhu by Gaslight adventure anthology. The Things we leave behind is one of the best Call of Cthulhu scenario anthologies in my opinion, so if this book is just half as good, it’s still going to be great! I’m a big fan of Call of Cthulhu and Stygian Fox always deliver quality products!

The Hudson & Brand Shadows of the Past kickstarter has already funded and is ending on the 1st of March. Follow Stygian Fox on Facebook and Twitter and pick up some of their other products on DriveThruRPG!

Reach of Titan

Reach of Titan by Third Act Publishing is a tabletop roleplaying game about fighting larger than life creatures, and the struggles to survive their world. The kickstarter aims to fund a 300-400 page full-color, illustrated hardcover book containing the rules of play, character classes, character advancement, settlement building, item inventories, culture growth, and Titan hunting. The second half of the book is a bestiary filled will all the known Titan’s that roam the land.

The Reach of Titan kickstarter has already funded and is ending on the 1st of March. Follow their progress on Facebook and pick up the free Reach of Titan playtest and other products on DriveThruRPG!

Realms of Atrothia

Realms of Atrothia by Sunburst Games features over 300 pages of expanded player content, including new archetypes, classes, feats, gear, magic items, races, and spells, all new game mechanics, such as the Ascended system for running a game beyond 20th character level, and the Realms of Atrothia campaign setting, all compatible with the Pathfinder RPG mechanics.

The Realm of Atrothia kickstarter has not been funded yet and is ending on the 3rd of March. Follow their progress on Twitter and get other Sunburst Games products on DriveThruRPG!

Props of Nyarlathotep – Australia/Shanghai

After several very succesful kickstarters, Delphes is now funding hand-crafted props for the final chapters of the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Every single one of these props has been a work of art and I would have loved to have to cash to back all of them.

The Props of Nyarlathotep kickstarter has already funded and is ending on the 3rd of March.

Artifacts & Artifice 3: Druid Enclave

Artifacts & Artifice 3 by Infinium Game Studio provides a wealth of magical items, each with quests, backstory, NPCs, rumors, & more, all compatible with the Pathfinder and D&D 5E rulesets.

Check out the Artifacts & Artifice 3 kickstarter ending on the 4th of March and pick up other Infinium Game Studio products at DriveThruRPG.

Check this artifact

Check This Artifact presents 56 pages of artifacts for your players to attempt to track down, tame, and temper — including weapons, armor, robots, AIs, and those extra-special items that are the sole purview of far-future fiction, all compatible with the Mutant Crawl Classics RPG.

The Check this Artifact kickstarter has already funded and is ending on the 4th of March. Check out the Mudpuppy Games website and pick up some of their other releases on DriveThruRPG. Mutant Crawl Classics releases can be found here.

The temple of the Valley

The Temple of the Valley by Sagaborn Games is the second official adventure for the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game. It is a 25+ page adventure for 4-6 players of 2nd and 3rd level, with new monsters, new talents, and the optional Sanity rules system.

The Temple of the Valley kickstarter has already been funded and is ending on the 4th of March. Pick up the Sagaborn RPG here.

Castles & Crusades: Codex Egyptium

The Codex Egyptium by Troll Lord Games is a 176 page black and white book that brings to life the world of Ancient Egypt. From a history of that desert land, to the mythologies surrounding its creation and the gods who carved it from the ether, the realms they ruled and the monsters they commanded.

The Codex Egyptium kickstarter has already funded and is ending on the 5th of March. Follow the progress on Facebook and Twitter or pick up other Castles & Crusades products on DriveThruRPG!


Inspired by classic titles like Judges Guild and Alarums & Excursions, Kickstarter invited creators to launch their own RPG-inspired zine projects in February 2019 as part of Zine Quest, a celebration of these influential documents.

Below I will feature the zines that are ending in week 9 and 10 of 2019:

  • From the Shroud Issue 2: A zine for Old School Roleplaying Games, focusing on the dark otherworlds of Swords and Sorcery.
  • Two Apocalypse World Zines: The Apocalypse World Extended Refbook, and the Apocalypse World: Burned Over Hackbook.
  • Exodus: An RPG zine of angels on the run in a fascist dystopia.
  • Dead Halt: An RPG Zine about the Clunkpunk world of a megalithic Hotel, quirky computer Consoles, and endless wonky adventures.
  • Tome & Wish you were here: Tome, a system-agnostic RPG supplement, & Wish You Were Here, a compilation of mini RPGs.
  • The Grind: A Wicked Dope Torchbearer RPG Zine.
  • Patchwork World: Baroque-Romantic fantasy RPG zines for any system.
  • Strings: Strings is a zine metagame and metasystem for TTRPGs that asks the question: what does a character hold onto as death approaches.
  • Football Fantasy: A zine of rules and content for implementing American Football in Fantasy Role Playing Games.
  • The Playmakers: A collection of interviews with key people within tabletop roleplaying who create great spaces for others to play.
  • A Rasp of Sand: A large zine with a Roguelite randomized ocean goddesses temple. Designed to be difficult and highly replayable.
  • Other Magic: Real world magic systems for rpgs.
  • Goblinville Gazette: A roleplaying game about broke goblins and the town they live in.
  • Mazes: Adventuring like it was 1979, gaming designed for 2019. MAZES is powered by Polymorph a new role-playing system from 9th Level Games!
  • Blood Chrome Neon: A cyberpunk tabletop RPG zine.
  • The Love Song of J. Genero and other observations: From the heady days of store flyers and indie zines, Joe was a cartoon hero asking the big questions about tabletop gaming.
  • The Demon Collective Vol. 1: 4 horror RPG adventures, written, illustrated, and edited by trans and nonbinary gamers.
  • Silver Swords: An RPG fanzine in the style of the old school fanzines that launched the hobby.
  • Love’s Labour’s Liberated: Cavaliers, Enchanters, and Magic Items.
  • What happened at Wyvern Rock?: Bring High Strangeness to Your High Fantasy RPG Setting. This zine features close encounters, aliens, and other fantastic weirdness!
  • D.I.R.G.E.: An RPG-zine based on encouraging diverse ideas and diverse creators. The focus will be on world building, design, and art.
  • Harrowings from the Rime: An RPG Zine to steal your soul!
  • Skill Points: An RPG zine about learning through play.
  • Champions of the Earth: A 3-issue tabletop RPG zine about power suits, giant kaiju robots, and massive teenage angst.
  • Shards: A monthly magazine for worldbuilding enthusiasts, writers, RPG gamemasters (GMs) and others who love to explore sci-fi/fantasy worlds.
  • The Words and Deeds of the Chain of Tlachic: A System agnostic campaign frame for fantasy games, in a limited saddle-stitched Zine.
  • The Bridge of the Damned: A new Torchbearer adventure for characters levels 2-3.
  • The Compleat Beastman: A OSR-themed RPG zine with stats for centaurs, minotaurs and all of the beastmen you’ll ever want. Includes minis for play!
  • Girl Underground: A tabletop RPG about a curious girl in a wondrous world, for telling stories like Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz.
  • The Old World: A pamphlet for grim & perilous adventure gaming.
  • A Pound of Flesh: A brand new zine-sized module for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG.
  • Cade’s Big Book o’ Booze: An alcohol related zine for use with 5th edition fantasy.
  • Casket Land: An occult western inspired RPG zine.
  • Verona: A Shakespearean RPG of revenge and betrayal.


About the author

Ralph is a gamer, dungeon master, Youtuber, and RPG collector who's incredibly passionate about roleplaying games. Coming from a computer roleplaying game background, he discovered tabletop roleplaying games at GenCon Benelux and a whole new world opened up. When he was properly introduced to them in a local gaming store, he knew he had found the best game ever!

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