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Rise of the Runelords Session 3 – Sheep are animals too


Rise of the Runelords Session 3 starts off with a quick overview of some character questions that Koen gave us to add some details to our backgrounds.


I summarized a few of my replies during the session but if you want to check the complete overview, check out the interview with Forge.

Thing that makes me laugh out loud: the look on Volioker Briskalberd’s face when he finds the locks of his shop picked.

Input from GM Koen: At first Volioker Briskalberd (area 9) alerted the sheriff when he found the locks of his shop picked but as nothing was ever stolen, he started seeing it as a skill challenge. Forge has noticed increasingly inventive lock mechanism whenever he tries to pick the shop’s locks. Volioker has a number of suspects who might be doing do this, Forge being one of them but he hasn’t been able to prove anything yet.

Greatest fear: Being enslaved again. This goes so far as Forge also rejecting any form on intoxication as that also makes him lose control of his movements.

What past act are they most ashamed of? Leaving his family behind at the slaver’s market even though he was beaten to an inch of his life when Gandethus intervened and bought him. He was in no condition to speak even at that moment but it still haunts him.

Here GM Koen just checks how large that family is and we decide it to just be my parents.

If your character could only save one thing from their burning house, what would it be? The purchasing contract from the slaver’s market which Master Gandethus gave to him on his 18th birthday.

GM Koen decides that Master Gandethus wanted to burn the contract but Forge stopped him from doing that and then received the contract for his birthday.

What are their religious views? He had a silver amulet created in the form of a star knife with a tankard in the middle. He adheres to the views of Desna and Cayden Cailean with regards to freedom and oppression. He is however disappointed with the level of intoxication that is often found amongst Cayden worshipers and clergy. He doesn’t pray in a traditional sense. He talks to Desna and Cayden as if they are close friends, asking for and promising favors.

When did they last make a promise? He promised the housekeeper at the Academy to clean his room. Forge obviously never keeps that promise. In fact, he makes it a point to bring the uncleaned dishes after breakfast to the housekeeper’s room and drops them off in front of the door.

Lucius Scarnetti

Which facial feature is most prominent? A nose like an eagle’s beak.

Which bodily feature is most prominent? A long and lanky “beanstalk” body type.

Other distinguishing features? Lucius tries to solve situations in a non-violent way. He prefers spells that don’t cause damage but assist him in a different way, like charm, sleep, or grease. If he can’t rely on his spells, he’ll use his quarterstaff mainly to keep opponents at bay.

Type of clothes? During his younger years he wore fancy clothes that indicate his family’s status like tunics with the family crest embroidered on them. After the death of his mother, he changed to dark robes. If a family crest is present, it’s very small and unassuming.

Mannerims? Every year on the day of his mother’s death, he visits her grave to speak with her. Lucius is also very impatient, tapping his fingers or foot is someone is taking up too much of his time. Even though he might be listening in such cases, he won’t make eye contact and just continue doing what he was doing.

GM Koen wants to know where his mother is buried, if that’s at the Cathedral cemetery or on a private lot near the mansion. Marc decides to have her buried at the cemetery, stating that Titus couldn’t bear being confronted with the death of his wife if the grave would be on the mansion’s grounds.

What are they most ashamed of? His brother Tibor, the town bully. Tibor is the one who beat up Darsk, and that was the turning point for Lucius to start intervening in the things his brother was doing. Lionel decides that it wasn’t Tibor who Darsk beat up afterwards.

How do they react to praise/criticism? Lucius only accepts praise/criticism from people who know what they are talking about. If a villager would praise his magic, he wouldn’t pay no mind to them.


When did they last make a promise? After being beaten up for the umpteenth time, Darsk made a promise to himself that this would not happen again and started his martial training. Things changed when he went berserk on one of the town bullies and beat him to a pulp. The bullying stopped immediately and Darsk was left alone after that. Darsk is a quiet, introvert person but when pushed to his limits, the reaction is extreme violence.

What will they stand up for? Lionel sees Darsk as extremely loyal to his friends, not necessarily towards the Academy itself, but more the people he cares about.

What are their ambitions? Darsk is someone who doesn’t really care what others think about him, and is completely obsessed with becoming a better fighter. His dream is becoming a soldier, serving in the military and working his way up there. He also has a love interest in elven ranger Shalelu Andosana and wonders what he could do to get close to her or even become an elf.

What is their greatest achievement? He sees his greatest achievement to date as becoming a part of the town militia.

The session

∼ Wealday, 22 Arodus, 4707 AR ∼

Sandpoint, it’s been 5 years since Chopper killed his victims during the last unpleasantness. But let’s not dwell on the past. It’s only 10 more days until the Swallowtail Festival and the characters are asked by the militia to make sure they have some extra time for militia duty. During the past month the town has seen more and more visitors and the militia needs all hands on deck to keep the peace. Adventurers and merchants alike have arrived and small scuffles have broken out during disagreements over trade, market stall locations or other rather insignificant subjects.

Daily militia briefings will be given at noon and arrangements can be made with employers in order to increase the availability of the characters. Darsk is currently working full-time for the militia and his duties at the meat market have been given to a young lad who’s struggling to keep up with Bevuk’s schedule. Kyra has taken Colwyn on a training excursion a few days ago so he won’t be available for militia duty.

Due to the increased traffic in town, The Pixie’s Kitten is seeing a lot more visitors so Forge tries to divide his time between working at the Kitten and helping out at the militia. Lucius follows Sheriff Hemlock around, trying to solve most scuffles in a non-violent way with his charm and sleep spells.

A new shipment of weapons has arrived to equip the increased activity of the militia. Darsk has been unloading and cataloguing the weapons. One of the older militia men is thinking of retiring and Darsk has received word from the sheriff that he’ll be considered as a possible replacement. He’s been evaluating his skills versus those of the militia and has discovered that despite his young age he’d already be a very solid addition to the team.

Today 3 bow masters are present at the Garrison to teach ranged skills to the militia. Before noon Darsk has been setting up straw practice targets. Forge spent the morning hours doing fitness exercises and yoga with Sabyl Sorn. When he went to see Master Gandethus for some tasks, he was informed Gandethus wasn’t present at the Academy. He went into town with Bofur, a visiting former party member of his. Bofur is a popular guest at the Academy as his visits are always accompanied by large amount of candy for the children. In Gandethus’ absence, Lucius is currently teaching the classes at the Academy. After class, Lucius spies on Alenia but still is afraid to strike up a conversation.

At noon everyone gathers at the Garrison and Henrick, a Steve Buscemi look-a-like and master archer leads the ranged weapons practice. Forge is able to immediately hit the target, Darsk does so on his second attempt and everyone is happy the sheriff suggested cork tip for the arrows when Lucius starts shooting. The sheriff gives a short speech on the preparations for the Swallowtail Festival and how we need more militia on the streets during these days. He also passes around a schedule of the patrols during the festivals and luckily Darsk, Forge, and Lucius have been put in the same patrol.

After training Darsk quickly picks up some meat at the meat market and then heads back to the militia to finish his duties. Lucius goes looking for Tibor to see if he’s not up to some mischief but can’t find him. Forge decides to go to the Kitten for a few hours and help out a bit over there. He finds Tibor, rather drunk, in one of the booths at the Kitten, trying to impress one of the new girls, Kasja. She has a knack for getting patrons drunk before taking them to her room so Tibor won’t get far with his tall stories. Forge brings them something to drink and jokes a bit with one of the bouncers. Kaya is in a booth with an adventurer going over some documents.

Forge recognizes a shepherd that got into a minor scuffle a few days earlier who has just visited Dezi, a super flamboyant girl that immediately starts bragging about the amazing sex they just had and invites the shepherd to drink some more. “You’re such an animal” she yells throughout the establishment, then winks to Forge and whispers: Sheep are animals too. After his shift he takes along some cupcakes from the Kitten and returns to the Garrison to pick up his buddies and head over to the The Rusty Dragon.

While he waits for Darsk to freshen up after his shift, Forge brings some cookies to the sheriff and his secretary Sasha with regards from Kaya. Bors, the militia veteran, invites the group for a small barbecue near one of the towers. Forge makes a joke about his riding skills and then the party leaves for The Rusty Dragon. On the way to the tavern, they pass the  Goblin Squash Stables where Daviren Hosk, a is nailing some new goblin ears to the building.

At the Dragon they find Master Gandethus and his friend Bofur playing a strategy boardgame. Lucius gives Bofur some gaming advice on how to beat Gandethus while Forge puts the dwarf’s helmet on Gandethus’ head and admires the look. The Dragon’s owner Ameiko is negotiating prices with a tough looking adventurer. Forge asks Darsk if he thinks he can take that guy so Darsk walks up to them to take a closer look. The adventurer turns out to be Valeros who has a few gems in front of him and a small Cthulhu-like statue. As Darsk approaches Ameiko quickly hides the gems and ask his business so Darsk orders some more drinks and strikes up a conversation with Valeros. During the conversation he takes the statue in his hands and when the drinks come tries to walk away with it but is called on it by Valeros. Darsk returns the statue, asks some questions about Valeros’ weapons and gets some tips and tricks on adventuring life. As Valeros leaves for the Kitten, the party also decides to call it a day and head home.

Memorable moments of roleplay

  • Lucius volunteering to take over the classes at the Academy during Master Gandethus’ absence, much to the dismay of the children who see their playtime replaced by studying.
  • Dezi, one of the girls in the Pixie’s Kitten is the daughter of a fisherman. Canan’s character, who had to leave the campaign due to work-related issues, was also the daughter of a fisherman. Coincidence?
  • Koen enjoying describing Dezi a bit too much. “If she gets 5 dwarves in her room she’ll shout : 2 more and I’m your snowwhite”
  • Koen describes the shepherd arriving at the Kitten with two sheep following him. Dezi looks at the guy and goes: “You have to pay extra for them”
  • The whole scene with Dezi and the shepherd was just hilarious. I couldn’t think of a better featured image and episode title after all that.
  • Darsk trying to nonchalantly walk off with Valeros’ statue.


Featured art: “The hireling shepherd” by William Holman Hunt, 1851


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