Rise of the Runelords Session 2 – Sandpoint integration

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Rise of the Runelords Session 2 – Sandpoint integration

Here we are going into Rise of the Runelords Session 2 and the start of this campaign seems to go great. 2 of the 4 players have already left the game and we haven’t even progressed past character creation yet. Canan (Akash) and Guido are out, luckily we’ve found Lionel as a new player to join our group. During this session we try to weave our characters into the setting material of Sandpoint.

There was a lot of back and forth and ideas being brought to the table so I will just summarize for every characters which ‘hooks’ were decided on.

Lucius Scarnetti

GM Koen starts out with some extra information on the Scarnetti family as Marc will be playing Titus Scarnetti’s son Lucius. The Scarnetti family seem to be quite traditionalist in their views, not very favorable towards the local Varisian population. This leads to Marc having the idea of having Lucius be in a romance with a Varisian girl. Alenia is a very outgoing girl who knows she’s quite pretty. She looks like Esmeralde from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Lucius got to know her at school where he helped her with her reading lessons. Lucius has fallen head over heals for Alenia, but she’s unaware of his feelings. Despite Forge’s encouragements, Lucius still hasn’t found the right moment to confess his love. If this knowledge or one of Lucius’ many sketches of Alenia would reach Titus, there’d be a lot of trouble.

A hook that all the characters share is Ilsoari Gandethus of the Turandarok Academy (Area 27). Master Gandethus is Lucius’ magic teacher. Rumor has it that Titus Scarnetti tried to bribe Gandethus into not allowing Varisians access to the Academy but he was curtly shown the door, a slight that won’t be soon forgotten.

Another hook that all the characters share is their mandatory militia duty. Once a week the characters need to fulfill their militia duty and training. As Lucius is the curious type, he’s formed a bit of a bond with Sheriff Hemlock, trying to figure out how to ‘investigate crime’.

Lucius also enjoys reading quite a lot so he can often be found in The Curious Goblin (area 22). At the Goblin he’s often accompanied by Ilsoari Gandethus (Area 27), Sabyl Sorn (Area 19), and Brodert Quink (Area 8).

When it comes to family, Lucius has a younger brother Tibor. Tibor is totally the opposite of Lucius and more like his father. He is constantly surrounded by two cronies called Knuckles and Edge.


Forge has a high dexterity score so I want him to be physically active. He can be found in the academy’s playground doing calisthenics. In order to stay flexible he often joins Sabyl Sorn (area 19) for her morning yoga classes.

Forge sees Master Gandethus as a surrogate father and is fiercely loyal to and protective over him. He grew up in the Turandarok Academy (area 27) after being purchased by Gandethus at a slaver’s market in Cheliax.

As is the case for the other characters, once a week Forge trains in the militia. He is mainly honing his crossbow skills while there. Flavia Vestalis, one of Master Gandethus’ former adventuring compagnons, trains him with the rapier whenever she visits town. She has taken quite a liking to Forge and has brought him a tailor-made dueling outfit during her last visit.

Forge works at the Pixie’s Kitten (area 43) and thus knows Kaye Tesarani. He’s also aware of her relationship with sheriff Hemlock. We’ve decided to make the Kitten a bit more luxurious, comparable to the brothel in the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf. Forge works there in a very classy servant’s outfit, bringing drinks and snacks to the customers. Working at the Kitten ensures him acces to all sorts of cupcakes, brownies, and pie which he brings to the hangouts with his friends. Besides being paid, Forge also stores a lot of information on who visits the brothel, and often pays the girls for some juicy information.

From time to time he can also be found in the Fatman’s Feedbag (area 42) where he makes deals with his Sczarni contact Jubrayl Vhiski who is very interested at the goings-on in the Kitten.

In an effort to help Lucius, Forge has struck up several conversation with Alenia and found out she’d love to have a certain amulet. Being the fixer that he is, he got his hands on such an amulet and gave it to Lucius. Lucius however, has been waiting for ‘the right moment’ for quite some time now.


Darsk is an imposing figure, tall and muscular.

As an orphan he was also brought to the Turandarok Academy (area 27) but being an introvert he felt out of place there and frequently ran away or just didn’t show up for class.

In the end he was taken in by local butcher Chod Bevuk who saw in him an opportunity to get some cheap labor to help him out at the meat market (area 36).

Colwyn Drakken (Game Master Character)

Colwyn is your regular goody-two-shoes, who spends a good amount of his time daydreaming. Another orphan raised at the Turandarok Academy (area 27), he also sees Master Gandethus as his surrogate father, and Forge as a brother. He currently still lives at the Academy.

Colwyn wants to become a priest of Sarenrae and has been taken basic lessons in religious custom at the Sandpoint Cathedral (area 1) where Father Zanthus, even though from a different faith, has taken him under his wing. Kyra, a well-known Sarenrae cleric, visits Sandpoint regularly and trains him in the use of the scimitar, Sarenrae’s favored weapon.

For more general military training he visits the local militia where he has met Sheriff Hemlock (area 10).

Nualia Tobyn (Non Player Character)

Nualia walked straight out of a fairy tale, the most beautiful and graceful person Sandpoint has ever known. Unfortunately this led to a lot of jealous reactions and harassment as superstitious villagers try to grab or cut a lock of hair for good fortune.

The characters all know her from school as a quiet and introvert girl who despite being near perfect had a rough upbringing. When things got too bad, the local priest pulled her from school and the characters didn’t really get to interact with her that much anymore until the fire that destroyed the cathedral.

The player character all felt very strongly about the injustice that happened to her but they were mere children at the time, unable to really change things. Nualia’s passing became a real bonding point for the party as they often visited her grave together. The party’s hang out spot is at one of the towers near the cemetery at Tanner’s Bridge.

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