Pathfinder Campaign – Session 4 : Morilla’s Mansion

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Pathfinder Campaign – Session 4 : Morilla’s Mansion

Pathfinder Campaign – Session 4 : Morilla’s Mansion

~ Fireday, 5 Rova, 4711 AR ~

Another morning in Absalom when Henricus wakes up. Or better another noon. As he’ll visit the Morilla family today Henricus decides to ditch the adventurer’s outfit for some more fashionable clothing. After grooming his beard to perfection, he leaves the room and finds Reidan seated at the bar. Reidan’s breakfast consists of a big mug of dark ale it seems. They both order a warm meal and talk about their plans for the day. To Henricus’ amazement, the innkeeper tries to charge for the meal while the night before it was clearly stipulated that the meal would be included in the room price.

Reidan provides Henricus with his address in Absalom. Henricus in turn tells him to just ask for him whenever he’s in Oppara. When they say their goodbyes, Henricus offers Reidan a bottle of brandy as a parting gift. He then has his horse readied and heads for the Petal District after asking the way to the city guard. The roads are busy with traffic heading in both ways over the main arteries throughout Absalom. Somewhere half way towards the Coins District, Henricus notices he’s being closed in by a rather large group of beggarlike types. The group walks very closely next to his horse, restricting its movement and considerably slowing it and its rider down. With no guards or Ulfen warriors in sight, Henricus is left to his own devices.

Henricus slips his hand in one of his pouches, gathers a few pennies and flings them over his shoulder, and at the same moment tries to spur his horse forward. The coins don’t have the desired effect and Henricus notices one of the beggars has his reins in hand, while another is going through his saddle bags. Henricus draws his dagger and slashes his assailant across the arm and face. The beggar drops Henricus’ drawing set from the bag as he recoils from the attack. Henricus then rears his horse to free up his reins and places the horse over the fallen drawing set. During this maneuver one of the beggars dives for the drawing set, gets hit in the head by the horse, and falls down bleeding. This causes the beggar crew to disperse and disappear in the numerous alleys of Absalom.

Henricus loads his hand crossbow and dismounts to pick up his drawing set. One of the bystanders checks the beggar’s vital signs and shakes his head. Then whistles are blown and the crowd clears to let the guards through. Henricus is interviewed by the captain of the guard and when his story checks out with the story of some of the bystanders, he’s free to go. The beggar’s body is loaded onto a cart and hauled off. Henricus decides to have his crossbow at the ready for the rest of the trip.

The trip brings him to the Grand Bazaar in the Coins District which he circles around to avoid having to ride his horse through the massive crowds of the market. The route continues towards the Ascendant Court with its preachers, wanna-be chosen, and of course the Starstone Cathedral. The trip has taken Henricus more hours than expected so he decides to take in the views another day and continues to the Petal District where he’s stopped by the Lotus Guard and asked the purpose of his visit. After explaining the reason for his visit, he receives an escort to the Morilla mansion. The neighbourhood here is definately for the most wealthy of Absalom and reminds Henricus of home.

At the Morilla mansion the maester of the house confirms Henricus’s claim and the guard returns to the gate. Henricus requests to be allowed to freshen himself up prior to being presented to the Morilla family and is clearly insulted when maester Gaspar offers to enter through the servant’s entrance. Also the fact that his horse is not taken from him until they reach the front door of the mansion bothers him. Clearly Taldan servants are far superior. Henricus is led to one of the guest chambers and is told that there’s a party going on in honor of Lady Morilla’s birthday. A serving girl is sent to his chambers and ordered to prepare a bath. After freshening up and donning his richest clothing, Henricus is ready to meet the Morilla family and is led towards the gardens.

At the party Henricus is introduced to Vors Morilla, his future brother-in-law, and his younger brother Enver. Vors is a shining example of Taldan nobility, while Enver is a bit more unpolished and carries the scars of a brawl too many. Vors then introduces his mother Ravissa, an extremely beautiful woman, and his sister Calysta, the youngest of the bunch. After all the formalities, Henricus is quickly led to other prominent visitors for some more formal banter. A few hours later the party ends and Henricus is joined by the brothers Morilla for a strategic game popular amongst nobles. After the game, there’s a small meal and Henricus is informed that he’ll be able to speak to Lord Celedo the next day. The family then retires to their chambers except for Enver, who gets on a horse and disappears in the night. In his room Henricus works some more on his sketch of the drowning woman on the Trident. Tomorrow Lord Celedo awaits.
Memorable moments of roleplay

  • When Reidan provides Henricus with his address in Absalom, Henricus tells him that whenever Reidan visits Oppara, he only has to ask for him. “So you’re well-known over there?” “That was the point I was trying to make, yes”.
  • The first combat session and the very promising rolls I made during it. GM: “Roll a d20 and don’t roll a 1”. Rolls a 1. Ok give me a perception check. Fail. Any guards in sight ? Nope. How about an Ulfen warrior ? Rolls. Nope. Roll a d20, the higher the roll the more valuable the item they’re stealing. Rolls a 16. I’m already happy I chose the Improved Initiative feat so at least I got to act first. The only roll that worked for me was to check if my drawing set would break during the fall.
  • When the DM tried to figure the damage a horseshoe does to the head, I suggested 2d50.
  • Realising my horse has killed more people than me.
  • When Henricus tells the servant at the Morilla mansion that he wants to bathe prior to meeting the family, the servant suggests entering through the servant’s entrance. Euhm no we don’t!

The story so far

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