Pathfinder Campaign – Session 1 : Character creation

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Pathfinder Campaign – Session 1 : Character creation

We’re underway. Session 1 : Character creation – 8th of December 2011.

You could read about my character write-up for Henricus Janovius Corentyn in an earlier post. That was just a rough idea for a character and DM Koen and I fleshed things out a bit more during session 1.

Pathfinder Core Rulebook


Character Creation

Since I lost pretty much all of my dice somewhere in the massive pile of books and junk that is my room, I bought some new d6 right before the session. As you can see in the above picture they looked very promising.


The dice turned out to do a great job and rolled 16, 14, 14, 13, 13, 11. Not bad at all I’d say. I decided to have the following stats : STR 11 (+0), DEX 16 (+3), CON 13 (+1), INT 14 (+2), WIS 13 (+1), CHA 14 (+2).


Race will be Human. In the Pathfinder world Golarion, the character will be of Taldan descent.

Being human gives me a +2 to an ability score, in my case that will be Charisma which becomes 16 (+3). It will also give me a bonus feat and an extra skill rank at 1st level and every level afterwards.


I will be going for a multiclass character with levels in Rogue, Bard, and Ranger. First level and favorite class will be Rogue. This gives me a d8 of hitpoints which are full since it’s 1st level plus 1 hitpoint for my Constitution modifier for a total of 9 HP. At 1st level Rogues also gain Trapfinding and Sneak Attack +1D6 as class features. There is no Base Attack bonus yet but I do get a +2 reflex save.


Being a rogue gives me a lot of class skills and 8 skill points to start with. In addition I also get 2 extra skill points for my Intelligence modifier and an extra skill point for being Human. I will also add 1 more skill point for a level in my favorite class for a total of 12. I chose to take a rank in the following skills : Acrobatics, Appraise, Bluff, Craft (Drawing/Painting), Diplomacy, Disable Device, Knowledge (Local), Knowledge (Nobility), Perception, Profession (Taxidermist), Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.


Let’s first start with a list of interesting feats before I make my choice. I’ll be looking for fluff and dexterity based or ranged combat feats.

  • Core rulebook: Agile Maneuvers, Combat Reflexes, Dazzling Display, Deadly Aim, Dodge, Far Shot, Improved Initiative, Improved Vital Strike, Leadership, Manyshot, Master Craftsman, Mobility, Pin Point Targeting, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot, Shot on the Run, Throw Anything, Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (Crossbow)
  • Advanced Player’s Guide: Crossbow Mastery, Dastardly Finish, Disrupting Shot, Eclectic, Favored Defense, Focused Shot, Parting Shot, Point Blank Master, Shadow Strike
  • Ultimate Magic: Antagonize
  • Ultimate Combat: Clustered shots, Dramatic Display, Gory Finish, Hero’s Display, Impact Critical Shot, Performance Weapon Mastery, Performing Combatant, Prone Shooter, Rapid Reload, Rhetorical Flourish, Savage Display, Slayer’s Knack
  • Inner Sea World Guide: Noble Scion, Rapid Reload, Scholar, Taldan Duelist

So many interesting feats and since I’m not a fighter character I’ll probably miss out on most of them. The ones I’ve chosen for the 1st level are Improved Initiative, since I want to be able to get out of danger as soon as possible, and Noble Scion (Patron of Lore), since that fits with the concept of the character.

Languages Since Henricus has an Intelligence of 14, he’ll start off with 2 additional languages in which he’s versed. The languages I have picked are Taldan (yes it’s Taldan, not Common), Kelish (know your enemies), and Skald (due to the Ulfen Guard).

Equipment Since Henricus is leaving Oppara to travel to Absalom and Corentyn, the dungeon master ruled that his equipment would be limited to what his horse can carry. Moneywise there were not too many restrictions, since Henricus is of noble birth. Henricus will also be carrying around a good amount of cash in order for him to maintain the luxurious life he’s used to. The equipment choices are made from a character point of view and Henricus is not at all planning a life of adventure, something that might (quite literally) come to bite him in the ass.

  • Weapons: Dagger, Masterwork rapier, Light crossbow
  • Armor: Masterwork studded leather armor
  • Gear: Tindertwigs, Hooded lantern + lantern oil, Backpack, Bedroll, Blanket, Drawing/Painting set + small wooden container with some paints and inks, Taxidermist set (includes thieving tools), Waterproof tubes (containing letters of credit, drawing paper, and maps), Corentyn family signet ring, Noble’s outfit, Adventurer’s outfit (highwayman’s coat & tricorn), plenty of belts and pouches (including hidden pockets), Saddlebags, Jewelry, Perfume, Beard grooming set & Mirror.


Henricus Janovius Corentyn Selfportrait


A selfportrait by Henricus Janovius Corentyn including his signature in which you’ll recognize the C of Corentyn and the J and H of his first names. (Disclaimer: Credit goes to Breogan at DeviantArt for drawing this. I just photoshopped the initials on it to make it look like a selfportrait.)



  • Theodric Chanador Corentyn, 60 years old, is a Taldan noble living in Oppara and is Henricus’ father. Theodric holds the political office of Viceroy and is known to be a gifted public speaker. He’s a ruthless politician and patriot who would like nothing more than a return to the Taldor of old. Although there are no publicly known ties to the criminal underworld, Theodric doesn’t shy away from bribery, abandonning allies when they’re no longer needed, or arranging an opponent’s accident. He never does questionable things because he enjoys them but because, to his mind, they are necessary and Taldor’s betterment is always on his mind. Theodric has a fierce hatred for everything Qadiran and has gone to great lengths to instill similar feelings upon his children. A few years ago, an assassination attempt was made on his life during a hunt and Theodric has been forced to walk with the help of a cane ever since. In cold weather, his ailment becomes even worse and he needs someone to physically support him for even the shortest walk. Although the culprit was never discovered, Theodric is convinced Qadiran spies were behind the attempt. Like all Taldan men, he doesn’t hold women in high regard and he considers conducting business in a brothel quite normal as every edge that can gained must be gained. Although his marriage was a political one, he respects his wife Silvianella for her keen mind and the sound advice she often presents. Theodric has revealed his plans for all his children except Henricus. He already has offspring ready to follow his footsteps in politics, has a son in the military, a daughter to be wed to some wealthy merchant, and then there’s the youngest. Signs of affection or praise are rare as his children have yet to prove their use to Taldor.
  • Silvianella Riavelli-Corentyn, 45 years old, is Theodric’s wife and Henricus’ mother. Through her husband she holds the title of Vicereine, although she prefers not to be openly active in Taldor’s politics, in order for her husband’s carreer to receive the full attention. Silvianella is a stunningly beautiful woman (CHA 17), and even at her age would have many suitors if she but wished it. She comes from the Riavelli family, a Taldan noble family of lesser station and was married to Theodric in return for a number of political favors to Theodric’s father Narces. A deadly cocktail according to many, Silvianella’s looks are rivalled only by her wits. Spending several hours per day in the mansion’s library pouring over tome after tome, she has always encouraged her children to follow suit and learn about as many subjects as they possibly can. In addition she enjoys spending time on the family’s hunting grounds, accompanied by her personal falconer and a host of birds of prey. She has studied the falcon’s hunting tactics extensively and has drawn many conclusions from it towards her life in the chaotic melting pot that is Taldor’s politics. Silvianella respects and admires her husband for his political achievements and will to restore the Taldor of old. Although she prefers not to step in the spotlights, everything that goes on in the Corentyn household that does not interfere with het husband’s political carreer is firmly under her control.
  • Viniana Natalia Corentyn, 25 years old, is the oldest child of Silvianella and Theodric. Her father has recently started negotiations for a marriage with the wealthy and powerful Morilla family located in Absalom. On the homefront Viniana is being groomed by Silvianella on how to run day-to-day activities, how to make sure everything is firmly under her control, and how to be a powerful entity standing firlmy behind her future husband. Due to these preparations and due to being the only girl, Viniana has developed a great bond with her mother. She is well aware that her marriage is for the betterment of her father’s carreer and has accepted this.
  • Jacobus Martinus Corentyn, 22 years old, is the oldest son and thus is being groomed to follow in his father’s stead. Jacobus is a very good-natured person that wouldn’t hurt a fly and is therefore continually forced by Theodric to make difficult and unpopular decisions. Since these machinations he has become more distant from the rest of the family while he’s slowly being corrupted by his father and younger brother Narcius. He fears he’ll never become the shrewd politician his father wants him to be but would never admit to such feelings of ‘weakness’.
  • Narcius Natoli Corentyn, 21 years old, is Theodric’s third child and the one to most likely make him proud. Narcius is being groomed for politics as well since he does showcase all the required traits for greatness in politics. He’s shrewd, ambitious, and would love to surpass Jacobus as the oldest son. The only difference between him and his father is that Narcius cares for personal betterment, power and wealth, with Taldor’s greatness trailing somewhat behind.
  • Ioseph Rolando Corentyn, 19 years old, the fourth in the race for Theodric’s inheritance. Ioseph was sent into the military and thanks to Theodric’s influence, currently holds the rank of Knight Captain of the 5th Taldan Horse Legion. A gifted leader, swordsman, and rider, he’s looking forward to a succesful and rewarding carreer in Taldor’s military. Before being sent off to the officer’s academy, Ioseph and Henricus developed a good bond, with Ioseph still schooling Henricus in combat arts whenever he’s on leave. He’s convinced that reaching the top of the military chain will make his father proud. To do that however, another war might be needed.
  • Narces Anachio Corentyn, 86 years old, is Henricus’ grandfather and lives at the Corentyn mansion. If at all possible, Narces was even more ruthless a politician than his son. Despite having retired from active politics, the former Proconsul, still tries to wield his influence through Theodric, who will have none of it. Narces’ still sharp mind, is truly trapped inside of a spent body. Being confined to a wheelchair and the constant care of personal servants much to his dismay, has turned him into a bitter old man who can’t cope with no longer being number one. He loathes his physical condition and still clings strongly to his glory days as a Proconsul.
  • Henricus Janovius Corentyn, 18 years old, and the youngest of the Corentyn children. He’s pretty much been left to his own devices since Theodric hasn’t found a purpose for him yet. Henricus has inherited his mother’s quest for knowledge and loves reading and learning new things. On his father’s side he has inherited a strong Taldan patriotism and a healthy distrust of all Qadiran. Even though he does prefer to judge matters by himself, his father’s ideas have been shoved down his throat from a very early age and often cloud his judgement. His early years were spent in the forests with his mother and Argonius the falconer, who cared for Henricus as he would his own son. It was Argonius who thought him about plants and animals. Henricus’ thirst for knowledge ran so deep, he caught and dissected many animals just to learn more about them. His love for stuffing animals raised some eyebrows in the household but Henricus wouldn’t have any of it, stuffing mice, squirrels and songbirds until eventually he gained enough skill to actually make beautiful pieces of art with them. Later on Henricus was sent to the Kithadorian Academy in Oppara where his love for books and bard’s tales only increased. Wanting to be a part of an elite noble’s sons fraternity, he was forced to pick up some shady skills from his fellow students since the nocturnal admission ritual involved being chained naked to a tree in the middle of the Academy courtyard and having to escape before dawn. The fraternity meant living the good life, booze, women, and Henricus’ ever present sketch book. Showcasing a great talent for drawing and painting, his teachers only fueled the fire, giving him more and more challenging tasks. His graduation piece, a painting of Aroden raising the Starstone from the ocean’s depth and founding Absolom, currently still graces the Academy’s main hall, a great honor for such a young artist.
    • Greatest ambition: To prove his worth for Taldor to his father.
    • Greatest fear: A loveless marriage in which he’ll have no say. Henricus once had a small romantic endeavour with the daughter of a visiting noble’s maid. When Theodric found out there was love involved, he ended the affair and the two haven’t met since. Henricus fervently wrote letters for over a year, but none were ever returned.
    • Short term goals
      • Visit Absolom, visit Taldan notables in the city including his future family in law, and generally have a good time
      • Visit Corentyn and look for some family history

Family situation

The Corentyn family claims to be direct descendants from the noble family that ruled Corentyn in its founding years. They have been on the forefront of Taldan politics for decades and are strong proponents for a return to the Taldor of old. To this end, Theodric wants his children in places where they are useful to him and Taldor. Their youth was spent mainly at the Corentyn mansions where they were raised by a host of personal tutors and staff. The Corentyn family resides in Oppara’s West Park in a big mansion surrounded by a park. The Corentyn family also owns several buildings in Oppara as well as large farms and areas of hunting.


  • Theodric’s personal scribe
  • 2 personal servants for Silvianella
  • Nanny which takes care of the day-to-day care for the children
  • A host of gardeners
  • Silvianella’s falconer, a widower without children who sees Henricus as one of his own
  • Cook and kitchen staff
  • Repairman
  • Ulfen bodyguard for Theodric, Jacobus, and Narcius
  • Ulfen guard at the gates of the mansion

The story so far

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