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Necromancer Games Fifth Edition

Necromancer Games Fifth Edition is coming !

Necromancer Games is back ! Remember the old “3rd edition rules, 1st edition feel” slogan ? It’s back and updated to 5th edition as the Necromancer Games/Frog God Games crew teams up with some big names in the industry !

For those of you who don’t know Necromancer Games, they’re a publisher that earned a lot of acclaim publishing supplements for the 3rd and 3.5 editions of D&D. Necromancer Games brought you the megadungeon Rappan Athuk, the Tome of Horrors, Gary Gygax’s Necropolis, and the award winning The Lost City of Barakus (which was recently updated for Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry rules).

Necromancer Games has just started a kickstarter campaign to fund three books suitable for use with D&D 5th edition. The pictured covers are mock ups and are subject to change but they look amazing regardless!

Necromancer-Games-Fifth-edition-foesNecromancer Games Fifth Edition Foes

Fifth Edition Foes is a monster manual that will weigh in at a whopping 220 pages. Initially it will feature 200 monsters but if all stretch goals are met, that number will increase to 250. If you’re familiar with the different Tomes of Horror, you know what you’re in for!






Necromancer-Games-Fifth-Editon-Quests-of-DoomNecromancer Games Fifth Edition – Quests of Doom

Quests of Doom is an adventure book that’s currently estimated at 180-260 pages, depending on how many stretch goals are achieved. It will contain updated reprints of the 6 adventures from Demons and Devils, and Vampires and Liches. Another 6 and possibly 12 brand new adventures will be added. All these adventures will be compatible with the Lost Lands™ Campaign Setting

So who’ll write these adventures ? A list of great authors, that’s who! How about Bill Webb (Rappan Athuk, The Lost City of Barakus), Matt Finch (Swords & Wizardry, Tome of Adventure Design), J. Collura (Caverns of Thracia Reloaded, Chaos Rising), Michael Curtis (The Dungeon Alphabet, Realms of Crawling Chaos), Casey Christofferson (The Tome of Horrors, City of Brass), Steve Winter (Tyranny of Dragons, Murder in Baldur’s Gate), James M. Ward (Gamma World, Pool of Radiance, Castle Keeper’s Guide), Skip Williams (Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, The Rod of Seven Parts), and Ed Greenwood (The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, The City of Splendors).

Necromancer-Games-Fifth-Edition-Book-of-Lost-SpellsNecromancer Games Fifth Edition – Book of Lost Spells

Book of Lost Spells is a sourcebook that will contain hundreds of spells, and is estimated to run 250 pages. The contents will be drawn from several books Necromancer Games published for 3rd Edition plus new spells.






Obvious risks are that only the D&D Basic ruleset has been released yet and that the licensing talks haven’t been concluded yet but I’m very confident Bill Webb and the team will manage and will deliver a bunch of great quality products that we’ve come to expect and cherish.

Click here to support the Necromancer Games Fifth Edition Kickstarter.

If you would like to have a taste of what’s to come, you can download The Wizards Amulet for 5th edition for free here.

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