October 23

My visit to Spiel Essen 2011 (2)


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I returned to Spiel Essen on sunday hoping to get some big discounts on stuff. Unfortunately the booth with the big discounts (80% off on 3.0 and 3.5 stuff with the purchase of 5 or more books) was gone.

So I continued my search elsewhere and here’s what I found :

  • D20 – MGP4403 The Quintessential Cleric II
  • D20 – WW16115 Ptolus – The night of dissolution
  • D&D – TSR3123 Birthright Khourane
  • D&D – Quest of the ancients – Faerie tales
  • Pathfinder – PZO9029 Council of Thieves Adventure Path – Mother of Flies
  • D20 – DD27 Legends & Lairs – Seafarer’s Handbook
  • D20 – DD30 Legends & Lairs – Path of the sword
  • D20 – DD46 Legends & Lairs – Wildscape
  • D&D – TSR9126 UK6 All that glitters
  • D&D – TSR9120 UK4 When a star falls
  • D&D – TSR9912 1993 TSR Master catalog – collector’s edition
  • D&D – TSR9295 Lankhmar – Wonders of Lankhmar
  • D&D – TSR9429 Cleric’s challenge
  • D&D – TSR9296 Legions of Thyatis
  • D&D – TSR9032 C1 The hidden shrine of Tamoachan Mono
  • D&D – TSR9190 In search of adventure
  • D&D – TSR9464 City sites
  • D&D – AD&D 2nd edition Preview
  • D&D – 8608/0 L1 Begegnung auf dem knochenhügel
  • D&D – 8532/1 E6 In den Sümpfen
  • D&D – 8531/2 E5 Der Tempel des Todes
  • D&D – 8519/8 E2 Burg Bernstein
  • D&D – 8527/8 B7 Die endlose Reise zum Berg
  • D&D – 8517/0 B5 Der Bund der schwarzen Kapuze
  • D&D – 8503/6 B3 Palast der Silberprinzessin
  • D&D – 8505/4 BS1 Blizzard Pass
  • D&D – 8546/5 O1 Edelstein und Zauberstab
  • D&D – 8613/3 M1 Im Mahlstrom
  • D&D – 8614/0 M2 Alphaks Rache
  • D&D – 8544/7 AS2 Tödlicher Ritt
  • D&D – 8545/6 AS3 Verfluchter Säbelfluss
  • D&D – 8228/0 AS4 Der Erdzerstörer
  • D&D – 8609/9 L2 Auf der spur des attentäters
  • D&D – 8611/5 DL1 Drachen der Verzweiflung
  • D&D – 8650/0 N1 Gegen den Kult des Reftilien-Gottes
  • D&D – 8509/0 E1 Insel der Schrecken
  • D&D – Experten-Regeln
  • D&D – 8543/8 AS1 Bewährung Für die Kriegsherren

First stop this time was the Fantasy Flight Games booth to see if they had some other books this time around and they did. I again picked up 3 Legends & Lairs hardcovers for about 6.5 euro each. Then I stumbled upon a booth which had “Discounts” in big letters on a plaque. Sure enough they had some RPG material with 3 euro bins so I picked up a Pathfinder Adventure path module, a Birthright module, a D20 module, and a module I didn’t recognize.

The module was called Quest of the Ancients – Faerie Tales and produced by Unicorn Game Publications. A quick search on the collector’s forum of Tome of Treasures showed that there’s apparently 4 modules of this publisher which were produced at the end of the 80ies, beginning of the 90ies. As if I don’t have enough to collect already…

After that I headed over to Malcolm’s booth for a chat and some more D&D purchases. One of which is my first ever Mono module. And then there was a booth which had a whole lot of RPG material in German. And sure enough, there they were. 20 German shrinkwrapped D&D modules for a bargain price of 3.5 euro each. I couldn’t leave those of course.

That pretty much concluded my purchases at Spiel this year. I considered buying a Larry Elmore print at Larry’s booth but that would have driven me beyond my budget so I decided against it.

Funny story at Larry’s booth : A German fan walks over and asks : “Excuse me, are you really Larry Elmore ?” The reply : “Unfortunately yes.”


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Ralph is a gamer, dungeon master, Youtuber, and RPG collector who's incredibly passionate about roleplaying games. Coming from a computer roleplaying game background, he discovered tabletop roleplaying games at GenCon Benelux and a whole new world opened up. When he was properly introduced to them in a local gaming store, he knew he had found the best game ever!

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