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Chaosium Monographs

Chaosium Monograpsh are longer works by one or more authors on a subject of import to Chaosium roleplayers. On these products the author has also fulfilled the functions of editor and layout artist and Chaosium has done little in the way of editorial. The Chaosium Monographs were originally published using cardstock covers and tape bindings. According to the Monograph section on the Yog-Sothoth Wiki, publication 0336 Menace from the Moon was the first monograph to receive a more glossy and partially colored cover.

The Chaosium Monograph line has been ended but pdf copies of several publications are still available on the Chaosium website and DriveThruRPG (affiliate link). The Chaosium website mentions that a print-on-demand service will be set up if people want a physical copy of the Chaosium Monographs but to my knowledge this hasn’t been implemented yet.

On this page I will give an overview of my Chaosium Monograph collection. The publications in bold are in my collection.

0007M.U. Bumper Sticker
0085Parapsychologist's Handbook 50 copies; Non-monograph cover layout
0085Parapsychologist's Handbook Monograph cover layout
0085Parapsychologist's Handbook Monograph cover layout + errata
0086End timeTaped version; 0086 not in white box
0086End time Alternate cover; Taped version: 0086 not in white box
0088The abbey Taped version; Resources for Cthulhu Dark Ages not present on cover
0088The abbey Taped version; Resources for Cthulhu Dark Ages present on cover
0089Raising up
0091FCthulhu for President 2004 Presentation Folder
0091GCthulhu for President: the game
0091PElder Party Vote Pin
0263Degree- Bachelor
0301Cthulhu InvictusMissing content page
0301Cthulhu Invictus (2004)Taped version; 0301 not in white box
0301Cthulhu InvictusTaped version; 0301 in white box
0301Cthulhu Invictus
0302Parapsychologist's HandbookTaped version
0302Parapsychologist's Handbook (2003)ISBN-10: 1-56882-227-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-227-3
0303The Abbey
0304Raising UpTaped version
0304Raising Up (2004)ISBN-10: 1-56882-265-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-265-5
0305End Time
0306Mysteries of Morocco
0307First Book of ThingsTaped version
0307First Book of Things
0308Gods of Chaos
0309Caligo Accedendum TournamentTaped version
0309Caligo Accedendum Tournament
0310Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37Taped version; 310 not in white box
0310Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37Taped version; 310 in white box
0310Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37
0311Cthulhu RisingTaped version; 311 not in white box
0311Cthulhu RisingTaped version; 311 in white box
0311Cthulhu Rising
0312Ripples from CarcossaTaped version
0312Ripples from Carcossa
0313The Pastores
0314Ramblings of a Twisted Muse (March 2005)ISBN-10: 1-56882-270-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-270-9
0315Strange Songs
0315Strange SongsMisprint with the cover of Toying with Humans
0316Big Book of Cults
0317Toying with humans
0318Legacies of the Renaissance
0319Gaslight Equipment Catalogue
0320The last Trial
0321Tales of Death & Darkness
0323Cthulhu Masters Tournament
0324Gatsby and the Great Race
0325Twilight Memoirs
0326Halloween Horror
0328The Fellowship of the Witching Hour
0329Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder #1Taped Version
0329Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder #1
0330Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder #2
0331Old Hrolmar
0332Night of the Kachina
0333Halloween Horror 2
0334Christmas in Kingsport
0335Gods of Law
0336Menace from the Moon
0337Beyond the Mountains of Madness Game Aid
0338Dark Mirror
0339Return of the Ripper (2007)ISBN-10: 1-56882-215-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-215-0
0340Mysteries of Hungary
0341Mythos Magic
0342Cthulhian Miscellany
0343Undying Leaders
0344The Primal State
0345Casting Call of Cthulhu
0346Farewell, my Sanity
0347Halloween Horror Returns
0348The Ravenar Sagas
0349Shadows of War
0350Ravenstone Sanitarium
0351Mysteries of Tibet
0352Ashes to ashes
0353Malum Umbra
0354Extrico Tabula
0355Rise of the Dead
0356Once Men
0357Berlin 61
0358The Vault ISBN-10: 1-56882-275-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-275-4
0359Kingdom of the Blind
0360Agents of the Crown
0361This old haunted house
0362Mysteries of Sudan
0363Mystic Alliances
0364Bride of Halloween Horror
0365Outpost 19
0366Aces High
0367Jovian Nightmares
0368BRP Adventures
0370Basic Magic
0371Basic Creatures
0372Basic Gamemaster
0373This old haunted house too
0374Light without Shadow, Blade without Edge
0375In search of the Trollslayer
0376Val du loup
0378The River Terror
0379Plan 9 for Halloween
0380Evil Awaits
0381Five go mad in Egypt (September 2009)ISBN-10: 1-56882-313-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-313-3
0383Classic Fantasy
0384Fractured Hopes
0385The Modern Equipment Catalog
0386BRP Witchcraft
0387Secrets of Kongo
0388The Green
0389Rubble & Ruin
0390Spirits & Dreams of the Viking Age
0391Mysteries of the Raj
0392Dust to dust
0393Rise of the Dead : the Raid
0394Children of the Storm (July 2010)ISBN-10: 1-56882-340-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-340-9
0395The house that stand alone
0396The ghosts in the house
0397The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan
0398Lords of Tarsa
0399The Dreaming Prince
0400Blood & Badges
0401Operation Ulysses
0402The Gods hate me
0403The Sevenfold Path
0404The Phantom of Wilson Creek
0405Colonial Terrors
0406Dead Leaves Fall
0407Aces High
0408Mysteries of Ireland
0409A Nation Ransomned
0411Swords of Cydoria
0412Mission to Epsilon
0413Horror Stories from the Red Room
0414Dark Crusades
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