Most funded Tabletop Games kickstarters in February 2019

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Most funded tabletop games kickstarter february 2019

Most funded Tabletop Games kickstarters in February 2019

The second overview of the year focusing on the most funded kickstarter projects in the Tabletop Games category. The main focus will remain on boardgames and RPGs.

February 2019 saw the launch of 233 Kickstarter projects compared to 146 projects in January. Of the total of 379 ended projects in 2019, 75% were succesfully funded. Another 352 Kickstarter projects are currently still ongoing.

Of that complete total of 731 kickstarter projects in the Tabletop Games category, almost 50% are boardgames. The RPG category saw a big rise from 16% in January to 28% currently. A big factor in that rise is of course due to Kickstarter giving a big focus to RPG zines with their Zinequest project. Miniatures, Dice, and Scenery take up another 15% of the total which leaves almost 7% of kickstarter projects in the Others category. This category includes projects for cartography, painting supplies, podcasts, conventions and so on.

A closer look at Boardgame kickstarters

Looking at the succes rate for boardgame kickstarters specifically we see that 63% of the projects are succesfully funded, which is up from 55% in January.

Below I’m mentioning a few kickstarter projects that reached specific milestones like for example ‘Most funded boardgame’. When it comes to the amount mentioned, I’m using €. Fluctuations of the amount are of course possible due to currencies getting stronger or weaker compared to the Euro. This explains why the amount mentioned might not be 100% accurate if you convert the funded amount at a later date

Most funded boardgame of 2019

Of the top 20 most funded boardgame kickstarter of January, only 6 remain. Western Legends was bumped down to 8th position and replaced by Suburbia Collector’s edition at the top. Suburbia by Bezier Games is the first boardgame kickstarter to breach the million treshold in 2019 with 1.595.470 euro collected.

Highest amount of € spent per backer in 2019

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures City Fall kickstarter

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures City Fall is the kickstarter for which backers spent the highest amount per backer. The kickstarter funded with 710.325 € and 3.997 backers resulting in 177,71 € per backer.

Lowest amount of € spent per backer in 2019

Connect the lines kickstarter

Connect the lines had 113 backers raising just 135 € which comes to 1,19 € per backer.

Highest amount raised for an unsuccesful kickstarter in 2019

Cultistorm kickstarter

The Cultistorm kickstarter had amassed 173.138 € before being cancelled by its creator. Purple Meeple Games will re-launch this kickstarter somewhere in the near future.

A closer look at RPG kickstarters

The succes rate of RPG kickstarters is at 86,5% which is just 1% lower than the January succes rate. Of the 74 RPG kickstarters, 64 projects were funded succesfully, with 7 projects not funding, and 3 being cancelled.

Most funded RPG of 2019

Sentinel Comics RPG kickstarter

The Treacherous Traps kickstarter was bumped to 3rd place and replaced by the Sentinel Comics RPG at the top spot. Greater Than Games gathered 312.769 € from 2.925 backers.

Most backers for an RPG kickstarter in 2019

Carbon 2185 kickstarter

With 3.194 the Carbon 2185 kickstarter by Dragon Turtle Games takes the number 1 spot for most backers.

Highest amount of € spent per backer

Sentinel Comics RPG kickstarter

Another number 1 spot for Sentinal Comics with 106,93 € spent per backer.

Lowest amount of € spent per backer

In name only kickstarter

The “In name only” kickstarter by Doug Levandowski remains at number 1 in the Lowest amount per backer category. The project raised 537 € from 318 backers which makes the amount per backer only 1.69 euro.

Highest amount raised for an unsuccesful kickstarter

Monsters & Magic kickstarter

The Monsters & Magic kickstarter by Windmill Slam Games raised 5.961 € from 102 backers but that was not sufficient to reach its funding goal. This kickstarter project has relaunched succesfully in the meanwhile.

That concludes my February overview of the most funded Tabletop Games kickstarters. If you would like to have an overview of the most funded Boardgame and RPG kickstarters, check out my Top 20 most funded Boardgame kickstarters and my Top 20 most funded RPG kickstarters.

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