Miskatonic River Press on indefinite hiatus

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Miskatonic River Press on indefinite hiatus

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A few days ago Tom Lynch of Miskatonic River Press contacted Paul at Yog-Sothoth.com to talk about the fate of Miskatonic River Press. During their 45 minute long interview Tom explains the reason behind his decision to put Miskatonic River Press on indefinite hiatus.

I’m quite sad as this means one of the, in my opinion, top publishers of Cthulhu material will now cease to publish (except for a few projects which are near completion it seems). Although Tom and I have had our differences regarding customer service/the replacement of books damaged in the mail, I can only praise the quality of their releases. Both the gaming books and fiction anthologies have been great reads and are works I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone interested in the Mythos.

Be sure to check out a number of their releases :

  • Dead but dreaming fiction anthology
  • Dead but dreaming 2 fiction anthology
  • Beyond the lamplight – A Horror Fiction Collection by Donald R. Burleson
  • Dissecting Cthulhu – Essays on the Cthulhu Mythos
  • Horror for the holidays fiction anthology
  • A season in Carcosa – A fiction anthology on the King in Yellow
  • The strange dark one – Tales of Nyarlathotep
  • The Grimscribe’s Puppets fiction anthology
  • New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley – Further Adventures in Lovecraft Country
  • Our Ladies of Sorrow – A modern day Call of Cthulhu campaign
  • More Adventures in Arkham Country
  • The Legacy of Arrius Lurco – A Cthulhu Invictus campaign
  • Tales of the Sleepless City – 1920’s era Call of Cthulhu scenarios in New York
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