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The lost heir Campaign Concept


Let’s start off this Pathfinder RPG campaign by giving you all an idea of The Lost Heir campaign concept.

The campaign is set up as a two-player campaign in which myself and my buddy Koen will take alternating roles as the dungeon master. We’ll each have a character and that character will take the spotlight when the other player is telling the story.

Seeing how both of our characters will each take the spotlight, we wanted to create some kind of bond between the characters. There needed to be a very close relationship between them. As I was thinking of playing a summoner, we were first thinking of an important person and his/her bodyguard type of relationship. However as the summoner’s eidolon can also be ‘built’ as the tank of the party, it gave Koen a bit more leeway in choosing a character class. What follows below are some character concepts and ideas and campaign ideas.

[section label=”Aylana”] Aylana Solistar/Dhorne

The summoner part of the character was clear. As a race I was thinking of playing a Dhampir. We were talking about perhaps being from Cheliax, and maybe even knowing or working for Count Jeggare so I started looking into the noble houses of Cheliax and found House Asgavan.

House Asgavan’s last heir Sheraya Solistar went missing during a mission for the Pathfinder Society after which House Thrune took control. That sounded pretty interesting so I built from that. During her mission Sheraya ended up in the clutches of a vampire. That vampire got her pregnant (or bit her while she was already pregnant) and the result was my character, a dhampir.

I will be playing the character as if she thirsts for blood but drinking it has no effect on her from a mechanical point of view. Aylana sees this as some kind of illness which can be cured. At the start of the campaign she’s unaware of her heritage or what has happened to her mother, nor does she know who her father is. It’s Koen’s character Erasmus that has taken up all those roles in the first sixteen years of her life. Erasmus is probably the only person that knows what exactly happened to Sheraya but hasn’t told her so far.

Allana grew up in a small inn located in Egorian, living with Erasmus on the inn’s attic.  She has been joining Erasmus on all sorts of expeditions from as early as her 8th year and her home schooling was often on the road. She loves reading and studying the musty tomes scattered throughout the attic, and has picked up knowledge on demonology and ancient languages.

Aylana’s magical abilities manifested in her ability to summon an eidolon. She has called the eidolon Zhura after the Vampire Queen Zura she found in one of Erasmus’ tomes. It will look like a hybrid between a centaur and a vampiress.

The lost heir Pathfinder RPG campaign - Aylana The lost heir Pathfinder RPG campaign - Zhura The lost heir Pathfinder RPG campaign - Zhura
 Elliquiy  Upperplace  Michael Anthony Gonzales

[section label=”Erasmus”]Erasmus

Erasmus Dhorne has picked up many skills on his travels. He considers himself an alchemist, demon ranger, and occult investigator. Koen took inspiration for this character from movies and characters like Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Van Helsing, The Exorcist, and Ghostbusters. Another inspiration was The Witcher, a monster hunter traveling from city to city looking for mysteries to solve.

Erasmus has had his share of nightly excursions on cemeteries, armed with garlic, stakes, and holy water. He’s not an agent of the Pathfinder Society but has working with them, sort of like a Delta Green friendly. In this capacity he has also served Count Jeggare on several occasions. He has also worked at the University of Egorian. Not so much as a teacher, but more as a field scholar.

Erasmus was a member of the tragic expedition that lead to the disappearance of Sheraya Solistar. When the vampire decimated the party to claim Sheraya, Erasmus could do nothing but flee. He prepared for about a year and returned to the vampire’s lair to rescue Sheraya. He found her with child, junkie-like craving for her master’s blood. When things got hairy, Erasmus made a hard decision and chose to save the child (Aylana). He ran once more.

He returned home to Egorian, knowing that Aylana was an heir to House Asgavan. However should that knowledge ever be discovered, he figured, the capital of Cheliax would be the last place they’d go looking for her. For sixteen years he raised Aylana as his own, taking her on expeditions, and expecting certain tasks to be completed by her.

Erasmus will be human of Chelaxian descent. As for a character class, Koen is leaning towards the Investigator.

The lost heir Pathfinder RPG campaign - Erasmus

[section label=”Campaign ideas”]Campaign ideas

  • We want to leave the story of what happened to Sheraya as vague as possible. It will be a lot more fun to detail this somewhere during the campaign. This includes Aylana’s father which could be the vampire, or it could even be Erasmus. If Sheraya and the vampire are still alive, it will create great roleplaying opportunities when the characters finally confront them. If Sheraya and the vampire are dead and Erasmus is responsible for that when he rescued Aylana, it will also create great roleplay when she finds out.
  • Conte Ristomaur Tiriac is a vampire ruling the county of Varno in Ustalav. He is also convinced there is a cure for vampirism so this is an awesome NPC to meet somewhere during the campaign. The characters could hear rumors about him and decide to head for Ustalav. (PZO9231 Rule of fear p29)
  • We both like Varisia so the campaign will probably head off in that direction at first.
  • What happens if House Thrune finds out the lost heir of Asgavan is alive and well ?
  • Or if the revolutionaries wanting to overthrow House Thrune find out the heir of House Asgavan is alive and well ?
  • What happens if the Pathfinder Society finds out Erasmus was present during Sheraya’s disappearance ?
  • Or if the characters end up in Pezzack and join the revolutionaries ?


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