Let’s Play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 9

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XCOM Enemy Unknown 9-min

Let’s Play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 9

In my let’s play of XCOM Enemy Unknown episode 9 the RPG squad is sent to Japan to investigate the crashed UFO we shot down in the previous episode. Operation Silent Fog will feature Cpl. Wick, Cpt. Stolze, Lt. Hardy, Lt. Petersen, and Rk. Tobin.

After a slow approach through a forested area we were able to infiltrate the UFO, kill its pilot, and bring home some more parts. Quite a good effort by the team which resulted in another 4 promotions.

Back at base we instruct our engineering department to construct another satellite. We then launch a satellite over Egypt which gives us the All In bonus and a nice 30% extra credits from now on.

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