Let’s Play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 6

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Let’s Play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 6

In my let’s play of XCOM Enemy Unknown episode 6 the RPG designer squad is sent to South Africa on Operation Crystal Apollo to investigate a mysterious UFO landing spot. The team for the first time consists of 5 soldiers: Rk. Lisa Stevens, Cpl. Petersen, Sgt. Hardy, Sgt. Arneson, and Sgt. Stolze.

As we approach the UFO we run into a veritable ambush as three groups of aliens attack us at once. A new type of alien, the floater, is discovered. The squad is able to battle through however and is rewarded with 4 promotions.

Thanks for watching XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 6! If you’ve just found this series, click here for the complete XCOM Enemy Unknown playlist!

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