Let’s play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 21

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Let’s play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 21

In my let’s play of XCOM Enemy Unknown episode 21 the RPG Designer squad is sent to the US to investigate a UFO that landed there. On the team for Operation Bleeding Apollo are Cpt. Robin D. Laws, Maj. John Wick, Col. Greg Stolze, Col. Sandy Petersen, and Maj. Dave Arneson.

The soldiers have to wade through a small river to advance their position. During the crossing of the river a trap is sprung and Floaters attack the team. At the entrance of the UFO we encounter a number of Mutons. 

From the flank more Mutons attack us accompanied by a Berserker. Good thing we brought our brand new Plasma rifles into the fray. The UFO turns out to be of an enormous size, much larger than we’ve seen before. In the navigation room we found two Outsiders. Sandy was able to capture one of them, the other one was shot by Assault Robin. 

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