Let’s Play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 11

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Let’s Play XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 11

In my let’s play of XCOM Enemy Unknown episode 11 the RPG Designer Squad is sent to Canada to halt alien abductions. Reporting for active duty on Operation Demon Fist are Cpt. Hardy, Sgt. Wick, Cpt. Petersen, Cpt. Stolze, Cpt. Wick, and Rk. Tynes.

The mission starts with the realization that I forgot to equip the Carapace Armor I purchased in the previous episode. Great start Commander!

The squad encounters Thin Men and Floaters in this mission. We had to strategically retreat into a building while alien forces occupied the roof. At first we hoped to lure them inside but that didn’t work so the team was forced outside.

Even though the mission was succesfully accomplished and resulted in 10 dead aliens, it also resulted in 5 of the 6 XCOM soldiers getting wounded. The next mission we’re going to have to send out a number of lower-ranked soldiers it seems.

To offset all the wounded I picked up the Rapid Recovery Tactic to heal wounded soldiers twice as fast. The engineering department finalises the Thermogenerator and the Alien Containment Facility. They also started the construction of another Satellite Uplink. Now all we need is to research the Arc Thrower and we can start taking aliens captive.

Thanks for watching XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 11! If you’ve just found this series, click here for the complete XCOM Enemy Unknown playlist!

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