Let’s Play The Lion’s Song Episode 7

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The Lions Song Episode 7-min

Let’s Play The Lion’s Song Episode 7

In my let’s play of The Lion’s Song episode 7 we find out who is travelling on the train and what their links are to the main characters of the story.

“The Lion’s Song: Episode 4 – Closure” ties the entire season together. A mysterious train ride revisits all introduced characters – Wilma, Franz & Emma – and their emotional storylines. It will take you back into their past and tell you their future destiny.

Their lives are being revisited as part of the stories of four men traveling together as strangers on a train, a journey towards an uncertain destiny.

Episode 4 – Closure will help you better understand how all individual plots intertwine in the cultural world of early 20th century Austria. A new angle to the stories will allow you an even deeper comprehension of the cultural, artistic as well scientific upheavals of that era – Wiener Moderne.

Official The Lion’s Song website: https://www.lionssonggame.com/

Thanks a lot for watching The Lion’s Song episode 7! If you want to continue the story, please check the complete The Lion’s Song Playlist!

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