Let’s play Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 24

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Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 24-min

Let’s play Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 24

In my let’s play of Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 24 the party visits Sorrowflow and Varnhold.

While exploring we ask Valerie to deal with a number of refugees. In order to increase the success chance of this event, we also spend a crisis point. As we near Sorrowflow we encounter a number of kobolds fighting wyverns. The party didn’t leave anyone alive during this fight.

Our capital Solistar becomes a town! This increases the number of building spots and also unlocks a number of new buildings that we can construct. I need to look into all these options and might have to switch a few things around for better bonuses.

In Sorrowflow we meet Kalikke and a few of her tiefling friends. We find a number of imprisoned elementals which we kind of forget to free. We find the disk of the eclipse but it is being guarded by. Even without the rest of the party present, Grenn decides to take on the beast and is able to defeat it. The disk of the eclipse has an unexpected impact on Kalikke and Kannerah.

We visit Maeger Varn in Varnhold but the location is not very memorable. Grenn agrees to set up a trading expedition between the two baronies.

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