Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 22

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Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 22

In my let’s play of Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 22 the party continues its exploration of the dwarven outpost in search of Hargulka and Tartuk.

As we forgot to bring Linzi or Jubilost, I’m using Ekundajo’s dog as a ‘trap detector’. Not ideal but needs must. We encounter Jayzon who greeted us at the gate and he suddenly explodes into goo after a critical hit.

After beating Hargulka and Tartuk, we get a glimpse of Tartuccio but even he doesn’t understand how he came back from the dead. The room also features an impressive dwarven anvil. As part of Harrim’s companion quest he destroys the anvil with a strike of his bare hands.

Back at court a paladin of the Eternal Rose claims Valerie as his own. Knowing her, that won’t go over well. Tristian returns from a succesful Hands of Gold event which gives us 4 Loyalty. Valerie also succeeds in the Troublemaker event and which provides us with 3 Community.

Thanks for watching Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 22! If you’ve just found this series, click here for the complete Pathfinder Kingmaker Playlist!

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