Let’s play Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 20

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Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 20

Let’s play Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 20

In my let’s play of Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 20 we purchase a whole bunch of Build Points and build up the capital.

At the start of the episode the party tries to ambush trolls at the Troll Clearing but none show up. Grenn then returns to the capital to find Oleg in the throne room complaining about having to pay taxes to both Restov and the Hold of Blackforge.

Then it’s time to start adding some building to the capital. We build a Watch Tower and Wall to increase our Military and Espionage stats. Next up are a Tavern, Shop and Baracks. Solistar finally also receives a Smithy, Brewery, Monument, and a Herbalist House.

Dhorne is being built at the same time. It receives a Wall, Bokken’s Alchemy Lab, a Baracks, Longhouse, Shop, Smithy, Brewery, and a Lumberyard.

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