Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 17

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Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 17

In my let’s play of Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 17 Grenn starts off with a conversation with Jubilost, a renowned explorer who has recently joined our party. Jubilost teaches us about the Bleaching and the First World.

Then the party decides to explore the eastern area next to Solistar. We travel to the Bridge over the Gudrun River. After some battles with wolves and tatzylwurms, we discover a cave entrance. This turns out to be the home of Grag Linnorm, a dragonlike creature that is waaay to strong for us. A quick reload later we decide to leave this encounter for a later date.

A bit further in our travels we find a Lonely Barrow in which a group of bandits have just killed a researcher. We decide to teach them a lesson. Meanwhile Regent Valerie succesfully completed the Hands of Gold event giving the barony 3 Community, 1 Loyalty, and 1 Economy. She is then immediately sent out to deal with merchants from Absalom.

General Amiri succesfully dealt with a bandit gang in the Bandit’s Outrage event which gives us 3 Military and 20 BP. She is then sent to deal with a number of troublemakers in the capital. During an audience with Grenn she complains about our untrained troops. Grenn agrees to select the strongest and most skillfull recruits.

Then it’s time to rank up one of our barony stats. We choose advisor Tristian to help us increase the loyalty of our citizens. During this two week period, our other advisors managed to deal with some tasks of their own. Valerie succesfully appeases the merchants from Absalom giving our kingdom 3 Community and 2 Economy. Harrim was unable to gain any insights from the Enchanted Winds event. Amiri on the other hand succesfully dealt with the Troublemakers event giving us 3 Military.

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