Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 15

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Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 15

In my let’s play of Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 15 Grenn has received the mission to go and visit Oleg’s Trading Post and appoint Bokken as our court alchemist. On the way to Oleg, we claim a number of kingdom resources in order to increase our statistics.

The party also discovers a new region called Two Rivers Field. We fight a number of wolves and Boggards but don’t really discover much of value.

Bokken accepts our proposal to become our court alchemist and asks us to build a laboratory in Dhorne. Grenn then visits Dhorne and has Bokken’s workshop and a pier built. We then send out Valerie to entice a master craftsman to stay in the area. The barony also receives news of bandits setting up camp in the Narlmarches. As soon as Amiri has returned from her other bandit problem, she will be sent out into the marches.

But there’s more troubles in the Narlmarches. Kesten brings reports about Trolls wandering the forests, fearless of fire. Grenn takes it upon himself to deal with the trolls. He decides to explore the Narlmarches between the two nearby rivers.

While crossing the Skunk River the party finds the very opiniated gnome Jubilost who is being ambushed by kobolds under the command of King Tartuk. Yes, that’s right, Tartuccio is still alive!

And ‘lo and behold, Grenn faces off against a number of trolls! The stories are true, they don’t seem to care about fire damage at all. Good thing we brought some acid potions to kill them.

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