Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 13

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Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 13

In my let’s play of Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 13 Grenn Blackforge is forced to mingle at the coronation ceremony and finds out that being in politics means dealing with a lot of dealmaking.

As Grenn meets others who are made baron, he also meets the High Priest of Erastil, a great honor as he is a representative of Grenn’s religion. Then finally Grenn Blackforge is crowned Baron and will henceforth be known as Your Grace! I can get used to that!

Back in the Stolen Lands it turns out that the Stag Lord’s Fortress has been turned into a fledling city and my new headquarters. Kesten Garess gives Grenn a tour and then brings him to the throne room where politics immediately grab Grenn’s attention.

Tristian and Jhod are the first to be given an audience and speak of a dangerous region that will need to be investigated soon.

The first official task of our new Baron is renaming the Stolen Lands into The Hold of Blackforge. Then Grenn takes a look at how exactly he is supposed to run his new barony.

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