Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 12

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Let’s Play Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 12

In my let’s play of Pathfinder Kingmaker episode 12 our party of heroes finally takes on the dreaded Stag Lord.

From the moment we arrive at the Stag Lord’s fortress, we are beset by zombies. After battling through these foes and checking out the fortress perimeter we discover a way in through the back.

Once inside Grenn battles a number of smaller groups of guards while the party slowly explores the fortress. They discover a locked up owlbear and the command group of the Stag Lord standing in front of a big building.

While the main battle occurs, Linzi is attacked by the owlbear that somehow managed to escape its cage. Luckily the owlbear doesn’t cause more damage to the party and they are able to defeat the Stag Lord and his cronies. The party then turns its attention to the owlbear and take revenge for Linzi.

On the way back to Oleg’s trading post, Grenn stops at Nettle’s Crossing where he lays to rest the ghost of poor Davik Nettle. After informing Oleg of their victory, they return to Restov to inform Lady Jamandi.

Thanks for watching Pathfinder Kingmaker Episode 12! If you’ve just found this series, click here for the complete Pathfinder Kingmaker Playlist!

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