Let’s Play Marie’s Room

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Let’s Play Marie’s Room

Welcome to my Let’s Play of Marie’s Room! Marie’s Room is a short story exploration game about an unconventional friendship between two classmates.

You play as Kelsey, remembering Marie’s room as it was twenty years ago. But something’s off. What happened to Marie? Kelsey has come back to a room packed up in boxes. She has one goal – get Marie’s journal. When she picks it up, the memories come back.

Because twenty years ago Kelsey and Marie shared this room. They spent days in it working on projects, nights talking about boys, pizza and sparkly shoes. Dreaming about the future, planning their life. Until that ghastly night. When it was all shattered to pieces.

In Episode 1 of my Let’s Play of Marie’s Room we spend some time exploring Marie’s Room. As memories flood back to us we notice that the journal gets updated with Marie’s perspective. 

In episode 2 we read Marie’s journal and try to figure out how to open the lock of her case. Will we encounter as much trouble as the safe in Answer Knot

Check out Belgian game design studio Like Charlie and give them a follow in social media! You can get Marie’s Room for free on steam!

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