Island of Ignorance investigator picture photoshoot

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Island of Ignorance cover

Island of Ignorance investigator picture photoshoot

Island of Ignorance cover

After 20+ years a new Cthulhu Companion will be released. Island of Ignorance will be published by Golden Goblin Press, a new Chaosium licensee founded by Oscar Rios, a veteran author for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.

I have supported the Island of Ignorance Kickstarter and one of the pledge levels was called Male Investigator Package. This pledge level allowed the backer to supply a digital photo which would be altered and used to represent one of the 12 male Pre-Generated investigators in the Heroes & Heroines of Lovecraft Country section of Island of Ignorance.

At the moment of my pledge only Gareth Parkes (College Intern) and Hank Duncan (Foot Soldier) were left to choose from so I chose to portray the soldier. I managed to get my hands on an actual WW1 coat of the 91st US Infantry division and took some friends along to the Trench of Death in Diksmuide (Belgium), a place that saw heavy fighting and an insane number of casualties. Below are the pictures which I submitted as Island of Ignorance investigator picture.

Island of Ignorance Investigator Picture 1

Island of Ignorance Investigator Picture 2

Island of Ignorance Investigator Picture 3

Island of Ignorance Investigator Picture 4

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