August 4

Island of Ignorance investigator picture on Golden Goblin FB/KS


A few days ago I wrote about the Island of Ignorance investigator picture photoshoot as a reward for one of the pledges in Golden Goblin Press’ Island of Ignorance Kickstarter. In the meanwhile I received a personal email from Oscar Rios telling me he showed the pictures to the whole team and all were impressed.

One of my pictures portraying Hank Duncan appeared on the Golden Goblin Press facebook page and in one of the recent Kickstarter updates.

We’d also like to point out the efforts of our Male Investigator backer Ralph Kelleners, for really bringing our soldier Hank Duncan to life.






About the author

Ralph is a gamer, dungeon master, Youtuber, and RPG collector who's incredibly passionate about roleplaying games. Coming from a computer roleplaying game background, he discovered tabletop roleplaying games at GenCon Benelux and a whole new world opened up. When he was properly introduced to them in a local gaming store, he knew he had found the best game ever!

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