Frog God Games Collection Update (2)

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Frog God Games collection update

Frog God Games Collection Update (2)

Frog God Games collection update


Today I received two more books from Bill Webb at Frog God Games. The first one is NS1 – Vengeance of the Long Serpent, part 1 of the Northlands saga. The Pathfinder version of this adventure was already discussed in a previous Frog God Games collection update.

The other book is the long awaited Tome of Adventure Design. I discussed the Tome of Adventure Design already in a previous post based on the pdf release I already had. I loved this book and its infinite possibilities and the hardcover is an awesome addition to my collection.

Today I also placed a new order for another 15 books of Frog God Games goodness. Watch out for future updates of my Frog God collection.

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