May 20

Free RPG Day 2013 Preview


It’s almost that time of year again. June 15th 2013 will mark the 7th incarnation of Free RPG day, an annual RPG event in which your local friendly gaming store gets to donate a number of introduction modules and rulesets to their customers. Here’s a look at what’s up for grabs this year :

Free RPG Day preview

  • Pathfinder RPG : We be goblins too – Paizo Publishing (15 per box)
  • Swords & Wizardry : Hall of Bones – Frog God Games (15 per box)
  • LotFP : Better than any man – Lamentations of the Flame Princess (15 per box)
  • Cosmic Patrol Quickstart – Catalyst Game Labs (10 per box)
  • Shadowrun/Battletech Quick start rules – Catalyst Game Labs (10 per box)
  • Star Wars : Shadows of a black sun – Fantasy Flight Games (10 per box)
  • Steampunk d6 dice – Q Workshop (10 per box)
  • Free RPG day dice – Chessex (5 per box)
  • DCC RPG/X-Crawl : The Imperishable Sorceress/The 2013 Studio City Crawl – Goodman Games (5 per box)
  • Vampire The Requiem : Reap the Whirlwind – Onyx Path Publishing (5 per box)
  • Tunnels & Trolls : Fire Dwarves of Zorr – Flying Buffalo (3 per box)
  • Neo Exodus : Temple of the Forbidden God – Louis Porter Jr Design (3 per box)
  • Castles & Crusades : A pot of broken bones & Halfling broth – Troll Lord Games (3 per box)
  • Unique Dice Tower – Blue Panther (1 per box)
  • Savage Worlds : Tunse’al Quick start – Obatron Productions (1 per box)
  • Free RPG day shirt – Off World Designs (1 per box)

If you’re in Belgium, head over to the Oberonn, Kempischesteenweg 27, 3500 Hasselt. They might just be the only participating store in Belgium.


About the author

Ralph is a gamer, dungeon master, Youtuber, and RPG collector who's incredibly passionate about roleplaying games. Coming from a computer roleplaying game background, he discovered tabletop roleplaying games at GenCon Benelux and a whole new world opened up. When he was properly introduced to them in a local gaming store, he knew he had found the best game ever!

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