FM19 Zero to Hero Episode 2

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FM19 Zero to Hero Episode 2

Welcome to FM19 Zero to Hero Episode 2 of my journeyman save. In FM19 Zero to Hero Episode 1 we signed a contract with Albion Rovers and this episode starts with highlighting a bunch of new transfers that I managed to arrange. These new players will hopefully prove very influential to the team so we can achieve our goal of not relegating. 

Then we head off the season with a match against potential title candidate Peterhead. It turned out to be a very disappointing start of the season with a 0-3 loss and a very poor performance of the team. 

The second game is against Queen’s Park, who are also relegation candidates, should be a game where we get some points. Unfortunately despite having the possession advantage, we weren’t able to turn that into goals. Another disappointing 0-0 result. 

Seeing that I didn’t anticipate the release of FM2020, I will be cancelling this series. Good news is that I will start another one, once FM2020 is available.

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