First ever Ravnica Allegiance draft in MTG Arena

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First ever Ravnica Allegiance draft in MTG Arena

After my first Magic the Gathering Arena video in which I lost every game, my goal was to record my first draft. I’m new to Magic the Gathering besides playing a few games in the Ice Age era. I was working up my gold count since the draft I saw on MTG Arena cost 5.000 gold. At the moment of recording however, there was no such draft available so I had to purchase the starting offer that gives you 2.500 gems so I could enter a Ravnica Allegiance draft.

I started off saying I didn’t want to commit to 2 colors immediately and so I picked a Summary Judgement as my first pick. But that went out the window in my second pick as I just couldn’t resist a Gruul Spellbreaker. From there on I mainly started looking for Green and Red cards and picked up a Trollbread Guardian, Axebane beast, and Gift of Strength. Then came an amazing card in Rhythm of the Wild which makes my creatures uncounterable but more importantly gives me the option to give each creature a +1/+1 counter due to Riot. That synergizes greatly with the Trollbred Guardian that gives Trample to every creature with a +1/+1 counter. Although admittedly, I didn’t realize that when I picked the card. I also picked up a Root Snare which worked wonders during play preventing all combat damage in a turn.

Pack 2 started with the End-Raze Forerunners card which I ended up picking even though I realized that having a card with a 3 forest requirement in a 2 color deck might not be the smartest move. Additionaly I passed up on a Clan Guildmage and another Rhythm of the Wild (which wheeled to my surprise). I also passed up on a Wilderness Reclamation, totally not realizing how strong that card it. It actually wheeled and I ended up picking it, but it didn’t end up in my deck.

In pack 3 I found a Collision/Colossus but the third pack was mainly picking up extra copies of cards I already had. In this pack I passed up on a Sauroform Hybrid reasoning that paying 6 mana to adapt it and give it a +1/+1 counter was not very efficient. Little did I realize that Adapt 4 meant it gained 4 +1/+1 counters. I found out later in the game when an opponent adapted the Sauroform Hybrid and it become a huge creature all of a sudden.

When it comes to the games itself I’m going to be short. Due to my surprise and a very strong opening hand I was able to win the first match but lost every match and game after that. I really enjoyed the drafting process though. Looking forward to my next Ravnica Allegiance draft.

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