Fast Forward Entertainment D20 Update

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Fast Forward Entertainment D20 Collection Update

Fast Forward Entertainment D20 Update

I added the first three books to my Fast Forward Entertainment D20 collection.

Fast Forward Entertainment D20 Collection Update

  • FAF2014 Dungeonworld: Secrets of the Enemy Capital is the first supplement to Fast Forward Entertainment’s Dungeon World setting. Secrets of the Enemy Capital describes the city of Kerse and its surrounding caverns. The book was published in 2002 and in 2003 was part of a dispute with Wizards of the Coast due to the usage of the gods Lolth and Gruumsh which are Wizard’s product identity. All copies in Fast Forward’s possession at the time were destroyed.
  • FAF2015 Orcfest was published in 2002 and is an adventure for starting characters which pits them the orc tribes that plan to attack the frontier city of Solitude. The book contains both a player’s and dungeon master’s guide, making it an ideal starting adventure for beginning players and keepers.
  • FAF2021 Cloud Warriors is a D20 sourcebook published in 2003 which aims to provide you with a lot of possibilities to take to the sky. The book offers new prestige classes, spells, magical and non-magical flying devices, aerial combat rules, aerial creatures, and aerial and airborne societies.

Fast Forward Entertainment D20 Collection Status

FAF2001 Fortress of the Ogre Chieftain (2001)
FAF2002 Temple of the Troll God (2001)
FAF2003 Slave Pits of the Goblin King (2001)
FAF2004 The Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils (2001)
FAF2005 Rings of Power (2001)
FAF2006 Swords of Power (2002)
FAF2007 Demonic Lairs (2002)
FAF2008 Treasure Quests (2002)
FAF2009 Wondrous Items of Power (2002)
FAF2010 Dungeon World Universe (2002)
FAF2011 Enchanted Locations (2002)
FAF2012 Devilish Dens (2002)
FAF2013 Swords of Evil (2002)
FAF2014 Secrets of the Enemy Capital (2003)
FAF2015 Orcfest (2002)
FAF2016 The Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils, Volume II (2002)
FAF2017 Occult Items of Power (2002)
FAF2018 Enchanted Locations: Crypts & Tombs (2003)
FAF2019 Encyclopedia of Exotic Weapons (2004)
FAF2020 Encyclopedia of Weaponry (2002)
FAF2021 Cloud Warriors (2003)
FAF2022 Catacombs (2003)
FAF2023 Treasure Quests: Tombs of Ra (2003)
FAF2024 Encyclopedia of Villains (2003)
FAF2025 Encyclopedia of Angels (2003)
FAF2026 Deadliest Creatures Tome (2003)
FAF2027 Devilish Devices (2003)
FAF2028 Old Sage’s Almenac
FAF2029 Dungeon World Compilation
FAF2031 Encyclopedia of Prestige Classes (2003)
FAF2032 Encyclopedia Vanguard: d20 Modern (2003)
FAF2034 Book of All Spells (2003)
FAF2300 d20 Character Record Sheets (2003)
FAF2500 Green Races (2002)
FAF2502 The Complete Monstrous Fighter’s Compendium (2003)
FAF2503 The Complete Monstrous Wizard’s Compendium (2003)
FAF2505 The Complete Monstrous Undead Compendium (2003)
FAF2600 Sundered Reaches Campaign Setting (2003)
FAF2666 Devil’s Player Guide (2003)
FAF2700 R.A. Salvatore’s DemonWars Campaign Setting (2003)

 Entries in bold are in my Fast Forward Entertainment D20 collection



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