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Dissecting Cthulhu

Dissecting CthuDissecting Cthulhu coverlhu, published by Miskatonic River Press, is a collection of essays that prints many of the seminal essays on the Cthulhu Mythos, ranging from pioneering articles by Richard L. Tierney and Dirk W. Mosig that strip away Derleth’s misconceptions about Lovecraft’s pseudomythology, to penetrating studies by Robert M. Price, Will Murray, Steven J. Mariconda, and others probing key elements of the Mythos—its use of gods, books, and topography; the influences that Lovecraft absorbed in fashioning it; and its wide dissemination by generations of later writers. All told, this book provides an invaluable guide to Lovecraft’s most intriguing but most misunderstood creation.

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The first 50 pre-orders will be signed by S.T. Joshi. I was lucky enough to be one of those 50. Looking forward to this one.

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