January 16

Diehard GameFan Awards 2014



While the Diehard GameFan awards 2012 saw some of my favorite games winning awards, this year was no different.

  • Best Gaming Magazine : Gygax Magazine
  • Best Art : Shadows of Esteren Book 2 – Travels
  • Best Free Release : Lamentations of the Flame Princess – Better than any man
  • Best adventure (Collection/Campaign) : Islands of Ignorance, the third Call of Cthulhu companion
  • Best Campaign Setting : D&D Next – Murder in Baldur’s Gate

Great to see Golden Goblin Press winning an award for best adventure. And Shadows of Esteren takes home Best Art for the second year in a row. I’m wondering who and when someone else will take that award away from the Esteren team. The bar has been set incredibly high.

The Diehard GameFan Awards 2014 saw World of Darkness win a good number of awards: Best re-make/re-release, Best sourcebook, Best core rulebook, and System of the year.

For more information on the awards and detailed reviews of the winning games, check out the Diehard GameFan Awards 2014 !


About the author

Ralph is a gamer, dungeon master, Youtuber, and RPG collector who's incredibly passionate about roleplaying games. Coming from a computer roleplaying game background, he discovered tabletop roleplaying games at GenCon Benelux and a whole new world opened up. When he was properly introduced to them in a local gaming store, he knew he had found the best game ever!

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