Delta Green Tales from Failed Anatomies Kickstarter

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Delta Green Failed Anatomies

Delta Green Tales from Failed Anatomies Kickstarter

Delta Green Tales from Failed Anatomies is a new fiction anthology written by Dennis Detwiller. In this anthology, Detwiller’s thirteen tales span the history of the secretive Delta Green organisation from its earliest beginnings to a glimpse of its future. The anthology features an introduction by John Scott Tynes, and a fore- and afterword by Robin D. Laws.

All backers will receive three ebook editions (Epub, Mobi, and pdf). Backers will also get the option to order both a softcover and hardcover edition through a print on demand service at near cost. Another pledge level, which only costs an extra $5 will work towards the publishing of a second anthology called Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions, if sufficient stretch goals were unlocked which is currently the case. This second anthology can be ordered through print on demand in the same way as Delta Green Tales from Failed Anatomies.

For only 30$ you get all the above and are able to playtest the new Delta Green role playing game which will be published in 2014 if everything will be on schedule.

Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions is an anthology of Delta Green stories written by a veritable who-is-who in Lovecraft Country, including Adam Scott Glancy, Daniel Harms, Shane Ivey, Greg Stolze, Cody Goodfellow, and many more. Currently twelve stories have been unlocked with another three revealed amongst which is a new story by John Tynes himself.

  • “Tidy Endings” by Adam Scott Glancy: Delta Green agents pursue the groteque Children of the Worm and the alien monstrosities that lurk within them.
  • “Paperclip” by Kenneth Hite: In the ruins of Europe in 1945, a scholar and sorcerer of Hitler’s dreaded Karotechia is on the run. On his heels are an agent of Delta Green, whose orders are not to capture but to kill, and an NKVD officer who’s secretly an agent of something far more dangerous than the USSR.
  • “A Question of Memory” by Greg Stolze: Modern-day Delta Green agents face ugly choices in interrogating a suspected servant of inhuman powers.
  • “Ganzfeld Gate” by Cody Goodfellow: A 1970s Delta Green operation infiltrates a commune dedicated to human psychic potential. But will the real danger come from the powers that the cult explores, or from the bitter methods that Delta Green’s renegades are willing to use?
  • “Dark” by Daniel Harms: On July 13, 1977, the power goes out in New York City, and something terrible rises. When the team dispatched to stop it is destroyed, Delta Green calls upon a former operative who tried to leave war behind. He and his sometime girlfriend navigate their way through the flames to uncover horror in the dark.
  • “Syndemic” by Shane Ivey: A Delta Green agent brings the mission home, unwillingly but inevitably. As his family struggles to cope with traumas that he can never allow himself to reveal, he gets the call. There’s been another sign of the extradimensional incursion that nearly killed him. The mission isn’t over. Nobody asks whether he’s ready to face it again.
  • “Le Pain Maudit” by Jeff Carter: In 1951, a small town in rural France suffers a mass outbreak of horrifying hallucinations. A Delta Green officer investigates, but will the truth be too awful even for him to face?
  • “Stooge Wilson and the Vine City Blues” by David J. Fielding: A botched heroin deal in 1970s Atlanta leaves one survivor. It’s up to Stooge Wilson to tell the tale from the fringes of a scorched-earth operation in Delta Green’s “cowboy” years.
  • “The Color of Dust” by Laurel Halbany: In the throes of the Dust Bowl and the “black blizzards” of the 1930s, a secret agricultural test project promises to restore fertility to America’s devastated farmlands. But something is deeply wrong with the project’s land and its sharecroppers, and ONI’s P4 wants to know why… if its investigator can find out the truth and get out alive.
  • “Cracks in the Door” by Jason Mical: The 1928 raid on Innsmouth forever changed two young Marines. Twenty years later, they are closer than brothers but have led very different lives. Now one of them is being called before Congress over suspected communist ties in his union—and the other, a decorated agent of Delta Green, fears the testimony may uncover things about Innsmouth that must be kept secret. Can either of them face the risks and sacrifices that terrible secrets demand?
  • “Morning in America” by James Lowder: In a 1980s investigation of an especially dangerous Posse Comitatus militia, a Delta Green operative in the FBI partners up with a Customs agent who might have psychic powers. As they close in on the awful things their targets are attempting to do for the cause, what will be revealed about the awful things Delta Green has done for its own?
  • “Pluperfect” by Ray Winninger: A brilliant scientist, recovering from a years-long fugue state, explores unexpected insights into the evolution and nature of language. When he develops a machine to traverse the gulfs of time between constructs of communication, it might revolutionize the human understanding of reality itself—but first he must face the horrifying implications of his own revelations.
  • “A Spider with Barbed Wire Legs” by Davide Mana: In 1953, a former German researcher on the run from ODESSA is trying to sell the secrets of the Karotechia to buy his own safety. Delta Green has other ideas. It’s up to an American officer stationed in Paris to track the renegade down before he reveals horrors that Delta Green has fought to conceal.
  • “Friendly Advice” by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan: A small-town cop befriends a retired FBI agent, brilliant but ill and bitter over his old work. When a series of strange disappearances tests the resources of the police in their quiet town, the ex-agent seems to know far too much about what’s going on. Will the cop have to investigate his friend — who’s also the smartest investigator he’s ever known?
  • “Sinecure” by John Scott Tynes: Delta Green doesn’t have much of a disability program. Agents who are no longer capable of working in the field are usually dead, vanished, or in an asylum. But for Jill Sanders, whose eyes started bleeding in the presence of any supernatural activity, retirement options were limited. Delta Green finally found the perfect place for her to live: on a little patch of ground by Fairfield Pond. It was ten years before she realized they’d made her a canary in a coal mine. Now locked in a life-and-death struggle, and with all her old contact protocols obsolete, Jill has begun the loneliest and most desperate op of her career.

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