6th level D&D 5th edition adventures

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6th level D&D 5th edition adventures

This page is an overview of all the 6th level D&D 5th edition adventures that I can find. The list will be alphabetically ordered on publisher name and will contain the module code, title, publisher, level, a link to the adventure, and if I end up doing reviews of some of them, a link to the review. 

Module CodeTitleLevelPublisherLink
MA5E03Black magic60one GamesPurchase Black Magic
A06Bear Trouble5-7AAW GamesPurchase Bear Trouble
A10Icecrag Monastery5-7AAW GamesPurchase Icecrag Monastery
A11Wild Thing5-7AAW GamesPurchase Wild Thing
B02Happiness in Slavery4-6AAW GamesPurchase Happiness in Slavery
B03It All Falls Down6AAW GamesPurchase It all falls down
B08Thief in the Night4-6AAW GamesPurchase Thief in the Night
Mini-Dungeon #004Summoner's Remorse5-6AAW GamesPurchase Summoner's Remorse
Mini-Dungeon #006Abandoned Shrine5-6AAW GamesPurchase Abandoned Shrine
Mini-Dungeon #009Tiikeri's Revenge6-7AAW GamesPurchase Tiikeri's Revenge
Mini-Dungeon #010Candelabra Towers4-6AAW GamesPurchase Candelabra Towers
Mini-Dungeon #015Torment at Torni Tower5-6AAW GamesPurchase Torment at Torni Tower
Mini-Dungeon #017Shadows of Madness6-7AAW GamesPurchase Shadows of Madness
Mini-Dungeon #024The Lapis Maiden of Serena Hortum6AAW GamesPurchase The Lapis Maiden of Serena Hortum
Mini-Dungeon #025The Phase Spider Lair6AAW GamesPurchase The Phase Spider Lair
Mini-Dungeon #028Throne of the Dwellers in Dreams5-6AAW GamesPurchase Throne of the Dwellers in Dreams
Mini-Dungeon #033The Legacy of Theft6-7AAW GamesPurchase The Legacy of Theft
Mini-Dungeon #036The Dragon Queen's Sanctuary6AAW GamesPurchase The Dragon Queen's Sanctuary
Shattered Heart Adventure Path #1The Ties that Bind6AAW GamesPurchase The Ties that Bind
A Storm About to Break1-7Arcadian GamesPurchase A Storm about to break
The Vampire of Van Bergen1-6Arcania AdventuresPurchase The Vampire of Van Bergen
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