5th level D&D 5th edition adventures

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5th level D&D 5th edition adventures

This page is an overview of all the 5th level D&D 5th edition adventures that I can find. The list will be alphabetically ordered on publisher name and will contain the module code, title, publisher, level, a link to the adventure, and if I end up doing reviews of some of them, a link to the review. 

Module CodeTitleLevelPublisherLink
MA5E01One Night at the Red Vampire50one GamesPurchase One Night at the Red Vampire
Entrees, Entrails, Canapes and Corpses50one GamesPurchase Entrees, Entrails, Canapes and Corpses
A05Winterflower4-5AAW GamesPurchase Winterflower
A06Bear Trouble5-7AAW GamesPurchase Bear Trouble
A10Icecrag Monastery5-7AAW GamesPurchase Icecrag Monastery
A11Wild Thing5-7AAW GamesPurchase Wild Thing
B02Happiness in Slavery4-6AAW GamesPurchase Happiness in Slavery
B08Thief in the Night4-6AAW GamesPurchase Thief in the Night
B09Curse of the Full Moon4-5AAW GamesPurchase Curse of the Full Moon
C01Alagoran's Gem3-5AAW GamesPurchase Alagoran's Gem
C04The Play's the Thing4-5AAW GamesPurchase The Play's The Thing
U03Death Comes to Stoneholme5AAW GamesPurchase Death comes to Stoneholme
Mini-Dungeon #004Summoner's Remorse5-6AAW GamesPurchase Summoner's Remorse
Mini-Dungeon #006Abandoned Shrine5-6AAW GamesPurchase Abandoned Shrine
Mini-Dungeon #007The Pententieyrie4-5AAW GamesPurchase The Pententieyrie
Mini-Dungeon #008Carrionholme4-5AAW GamesPurchase Carrionholme
Mini-Dungeon #010Candelabra Towers4-6AAW GamesPurchase Candelabra Towers
Mini-Dungeon #012Nekh-ta-Nebi's Tomb5AAW GamesPurchase Nekh-ta-Nebi's Tomb
Mini-Dungeon #015Torment at Torni Tower5-6AAW GamesPurchase Torment at Torni Tower
Mini-Dungeon #020Sepulchre of the Witching Hour's Sage5AAW GamesPurchase Sepulchre of the Witching Hour's Sage
Mini-Dungeon #026Sanctuary of Exsanguination4-5AAW GamesPurchase Sanctuary of Exsanguination
Mini-Dungeon #028Throne of the Dwellers in Dreams5-6AAW GamesPurchase Throne of the Dwellers in Dreams
Mini-Dungeon #034Mysteries of the Endless Maze4-5AAW GamesPurchase Mysteries of the Endless Maze
Mini-Dungeon #035The Queen's Estuary5AAW GamesPurchase The Queen's Estuary
Mini-Dungeon #040The Kabandha's Request5AAW GamesPurchase The Kabandha's Request
Mini-Dungeon #045Peril at Lamiaks Bridge4-5AAW GamesPurchase Peril at Lamiaks Bridge
Mini-Dungeon #051There Are More Things in the Planes and the Earth4-5AAW GamesPurchase There are more Things
Mini-Dungeon #057Last Stand of the Forgotten Pirate3-5AAW GamesPurchase Last Stand of the Forgotten Pirate
Mini-Dungeon #059With a Candlestick3-5AAW GamesPurchase With a Candlestick
Mini-Dungeon #087Apparatus of the Brachemoth5AAW GamesPurchase Apparatus of the Brachemoth
Mini-Dungeon #091The Burning Temple5AAW GamesPurchase The Burning Temple
Mini-Dungeon #095Hungry Waystation5AAW GamesPurchase Hungry Waystation
Mini-Dungeon #097Trade is our Sword5AAW GamesPurchase Trade is our Sword
A Music & Adventure Anthology1-5Adventure MixtapePurchase A Music & Adventure Anthology
30 Dead Men5Adventurer's InnPurchase 30 Dead Men
HITG0013Off the Beaten Path Vol I: A Bump in the Road4-5A Hole In The Ground Terrain & GamesPurchase A Bump in the Road
A Storm About to Break1-7Arcadian GamesPurchase A Storm about to break
The Vampire of Van Bergen1-6Arcania AdventuresPurchase The Vampire of Van Bergen
The Sinister Stone of Sakkara3-5AutarchPurchase The Sinister Stone of Sakkara
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