3rd level D&D 5th edition adventures

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3rd level D&D 5th edition adventures

This page is an overview of all the 3rd level D&D 5th edition adventures that I can find. The list will be alphabetically ordered on publisher name and will contain the module code, title, publisher, level, a link to the adventure, and if I end up doing reviews of some of them, a link to the review. 

Module CodeTitleLevelPublisherLink
MA5E02The Invisible Hand30one GamesPurchase The Invisible Hand
A02Devil of Dark Wood2-3AAW GamesPurchase Devil of Dark Wood
A03Champion's Rest2-3AAW GamesPurchase Champion's Rest
A04Forest for the Trees2-3AAW GamesPurchase Forest for the Trees
B04The Cave Beast's Hoard3AAW GamesPurchase The Cave Beast's Hoard
BASIC03A Giving Time3AAW GamesPurchase A Giving Time
C01Alagoran's Gem3-5AAW GamesPurchase Alagoran's Gem
C03Sufferhorn Castle2-3AAW GamesPurchase Sufferhorn Castle
U02Murder in Stoneholme3-4AAW GamesPurchase Murder in Stoneholme
Mini-Dungeon #001Buried Council Chambers2-3AAW GamesPurchase Buried Council Chambers
Mini-Dungeon #013The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker3AAW GamesPurchase The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker
Mini-Dungeon #018Neotomas' Paradise3-4AAW GamesPurchase Neotomas' Paradise
Mini-Dungeon #039We All Start Somewhere1-3AAW GamesPurchase We all start somewhere
Mini-Dungeon #047Stowaway on the Singing Sea3-4AAW GamesPurchase Stowaway on the Singing Sea
Mini-Dungeon #049Doubt Not That Stars Are Fire2-3AAW GamesPurchase Doubt not that stars are fire
Mini-Dungeon #050When Goblins Die, No Comets are Seen3-4AAW GamesPurchase When Goblins die
Mini-Dungeon #057Last Stand of the Forgotten Pirate3-5AAW GamesPurchase Last Stand of the Forgotten Pirate
Mini-Dungeon #059With a Candlestick3-5AAW GamesPurchase With a Candlestick
Mini-Dungeon #060The Unquenched Thirst3AAW GamesPurchase The Unquenched Thirst
Mini-Dungeon #065The Blight3AAW GamesPurchase The Blight
Mini-Dungeon #078Maze of the Skullkeeper2-3AAW GamesPurchase Maze of the Skullkeeper
Mini-Dungeon #082Lair of the Mad Druid3AAW GamesPurchase Lair of the Mad Druid
Mini-Dungeon #085Sanctuary of the Slaughtered2-3AAW GamesPurchase Sanctuary of the Slaughtered
Riptide Raid1-3Absolute TabletopPurchase Riptide Raid
A Music & Adventure Anthology1-5Adventure MixtapePurchase A Music & Adventure Anthology
AGD CP02The Watchtower in the Wood1-3Aegis StudiosPurchase The Watchtower in the Wood
AGD NB01Lair of the Stitch Witch1-3Aegis StudiosPurchase Lair of the Stitch Witch
HITG0012Off the Beaten Path Vol I: The Isle of Klamacki2-3A Hole In The Ground Terrain & GamesPurchase The Isle of Klamacki
HITG0014Off the Beaten Path Vol I: Don't Follow The Lights3-4A Hole In The Ground Terrain & GamesPurchase Don't Follow The Lights
AAE1000Curse of the Demon Stone3-4Alligator Alley EntertainmentPurchase Curse of the Demon Stone
AMG5E101Art of War: South of the Wall2-3Amora GamePurchase Art of War: South of the Wall
Quests for Heroes1-4Arcadian GamesPurchase Quests for Heroes
A Storm About to Break1-7Arcadian GamesPurchase A Storm about to break
The Vampire of Van Bergen1-6Arcania AdventuresPurchase The Vampire of Van Bergen
Underneath the Ashes3Arctic Squall GamesPurchase Underneath the Ashes
The Sinister Stone of Sakkara3-5AutarchPurchase The Sinister Stone of Sakkara
AS1L3Bad Apples3Dan Coleman ProductionsPurchase Bad Apples
AS2L3Face the Music3Dan Coleman ProductionsPurchase Face the Music
ECMAINEbonclad1-4Dan Coleman ProductionsPurchase Ebonclad
V3L3An Axe to Grind3Dan Coleman ProductionsPurchase An Axe to Grind
Awakenings 1-3Frog God Games
Cave of Iron1-3Frog God GamesPurchase Cave of Iron
God of Ore3Frog God GamesPurchase God of Ore
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