1st level D&D 5th edition adventures

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1st level D&D 5th edition adventures

This page is an overview of all the 1st level D&D 5th edition adventures that I can find. The list will be alphabetically ordered on publisher name and will contain the module code, title, publisher, level, a link to the adventure, and if I end up doing reviews of some of them, a link to the review. 

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Module CodeTitleLevelPublisherReviewRatingLink
The Lost Temple of Sharess1+ GamingPurchase The Lost Temple of Sharess
HITG0006A Brother Lost1 (SOLO)A Hole In The Ground Terrain & GamesPurchase A Brother Lost
HITG0009The Sewers of Blackhelm1A Hole In The Ground Terrain & GamesPurchase The Sewers of Blackhelm
A00Crow's Rest Island1AAW GamesPurchase Crow's Rest Island
A01Crypt of the Sun Lord1AAW GamesPurchase Crypt of the Sun Lord
B01Under His Skin1-2AAW GamesPurchase Under His Skin
B11Fall of House Rodow1AAW GamesPurchase Fall of House Rodow
BASIC01A Learning Time1-2AAW GamesPurchase A Learning Time
BASIC02A Frightful Time1-2AAW GamesPurchase A Frightful Time
C02Goblin Cave1-2AAW GamesPurchase Goblin Cave
U01Dark Days in Stoneholme1-2AAW GamesPurchase Dark Days in Stoneholme
Mini-Dungeon #002Hobgoblin Lair1AAW GamesPurchase Hobgoblin Lair
Mini-Dungeon #005The Soularium1AAW GamesPurchase The Soularium
Mini-Dungeon #019The Goblin Warren1AAW GamesPurchase The Goblin Warren
Mini-Dungeon #023The Aura of Profit1AAW GamesPurchase The Aura of Profit
Mini-Dungeon #038The Spinner's Hole1AAW GamesThe Spinner's Hole Review3,5/5Purchase The Spinner's Hole
Mini-Dungeon #039We All Start Somewhere1-3AAW GamesPurchase We all start somewhere
Mini-Dungeon #048Pit Your Wits1-2AAW GamesPurchase Pit your Wits
Riptide Raid1-3Absolute TabletopPurchase Riptide Raid
A Music & Adventure Anthology1-5Adventure MixtapePurchase A Music & Adventure Anthology
AGD AA08Mystery in the Mindshatter1Aegis StudiosPurchase Mystery in the Mindshatter
AGD CP02The Watchtower in the Wood1-3Aegis StudiosPurchase The Watchtower in the Wood
AGD NB01Lair of the Stitch Witch1-3Aegis StudiosPurchase Lair of the Stitch Witch
Quests for Heroes1-4Arcadian GamesPurchase Quests for Heroes
A Storm About to Break1-7Arcadian GamesPurchase A Storm about to break
The Vampire of Van Bergen1-6Arcania AdventuresPurchase The Vampire of Van Bergen
There's Goblins in the Mine!1Arctic Squall GamesPurchase There's Goblins in the Mine
AG12001Warning: Danger Not to Scale1Artemic GamesPurchase Warning: Danger not to Scale
AG2005Wanted1Assassin GamesPurchase Wanted
AG2007Bloodfang Caves1Assassin GamesPurchase Bloodfang Caves
AG2009Into the Wild1Assassin GamesPurchase Into the Wilds
Avalon Lairs #7Dryad of the Sacred Grove1-2Avalon Game CompanyPurchase Dryad of the Sacred Grove
Avalon Lairs #10Illusory Bazaar1-2Avalon ClassicPurchase Illusory Bazaar
ECMAINEbonclad1-4Dan Coleman ProductionsPurchase Ebonclad
F1L1Cryptic Entry1Dan Coleman ProductionsPurchase Cryptic Entry
V1L1Bandit's Nest1Dan Coleman ProductionsPurchase Bandit's Nest
Awakenings 1-3Frog God GamesPurchase Awakenings
In Vino Gigantus1Frog God GamesPurchase In Vino Gigantus
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