November 17

Cypher System Rulebook announced


Cypher System

A few days ago, Monte Cook Games announced the future release of a Cypher System rulebook. The Cypher System rulebook will be their next big corebook release and is scheduled for the summer of 2015.

The Cypher System is the game engine designed for the hugely popular Numenera and The Strange RPG settings. When the Cypher System made a rather flawless transition to the The Strange setting, Monte Cook and Bruce Cordell realized they had a system in their hands that would be flexible enough for virtually any setting.

Rather than releasing a dozen more settings based on the Cypher System engine, they decided to bundle all the needed rules into one Cypher System Rulebook and let the fans have a go at pretty much any setting imaginable. Talks are currently already ongoing about officially licensed campaign sourcebooks that give players fleshed-out settings for use with the Cypher System Rulebook, as well as complete, standalone games using the Cypher System engine.


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