Collection update and goals 2014

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Collection update and goals 2014

As per the Acaeum’s essay on collection ins and outs I set up a number of collection goals for 2013.

In this post I will take a look at those goals and see whether I achieved them or not. In addition I will also provide the collection update and goals 2014.

2013 Short term goals review

The first short term goal I set out to achieve was to keep my Legend of the Five Rings collection up-to-date. This has been achieved without a problem for the regular releases. I pick up the new releases when they appear in the local gaming store. There’s a few limited edition item that have eluded me so far. The limited edition 4th edition book with the Dragon clan cover, the same book with a Chrysanthemum cover (given only to the writers from what I hear), and a GenCon 2012 only release called Whispered Secrets.

The second goal regarding my Fading suns collection hasn’t progressed at all. Still need to pick up the deck plans. I noticed that FASA has picked up the Fading suns license and has released the core rulebook (again). Unfortunately they only have pdfs of my missing Red Brick releases.

Keeping my Pagan Publishing collection up-to-date with new releases is no problem and easily achieved.

The last short term goal was keeping my Frog God Games collection up-to-date. I’m going to have to move this one to midterm goals as I’m unable to follow both the kickstarters and the regular releases. I even saw that some of the older releases which I was missing, are out of print now so picking these up on ebay will just take longer.

2013 midterm goals review

Godlike has seen a reprint of the core rulebook and the module Donar’s Hammer. I still need to pick those up. The rest of the Godlike books I have in my collection.

I’ve been picking up a good number of Call of Cthulhu releases which is starting to bring me close to completing everything released by Chaosium. There’s only very few regular releases missing at the moment. And the very limited ones are a long shot anyway.

Picking up Pathfinder stuff regularly has also been no problem during 2013. Although I have picked up mainly modules and the core rulebooks which leaves me running behind on the adventure paths and all the companions. Paizo is regularly doing a sale though so I try to pick up stuff in lots. I also added almost all of the Organised Play modules to my pdf collection.

As for DCC modules, I’ve picked up a few over the years but I’m not actively hunting these down. Goodman Games has also started releasing some limited versions if you demo the game.

Completing my Necromancer Games collection will be a nice milestone and should be achievable as I think I have the uncommon/rare releases. I’m missing a handful of books so I think I will put this one on the short term list to be completed in 2014.

2013 life long goals review

For the life long goals, there’s not really much to report. These collections are so huge I doubt I will ever complete them. Items have been added to these games (rare Call of Cthulhu items, Pagan Publishing items, everything D&D, everything TSR, complete Forgotten Realms)

 2014 goals

  • Short term goals
    • Keep my Legend of the Five Rings collection up-to-date for regular releases and try to find the missing limited books.
    • Complete my Fading Suns collection: The deckplans are readily available. Pick up Shards and FASA rulebook version at FASA site.
    • Keep my Pagan Publishing collection up-to-date: I’m unaware of Pagan’s release schedule for 2014 but this one should not be so difficult.
    • Keep my Godlike collection complete. Arc Dream has released a new printing of the core rulebook and one of the adventures so they need to be added to the collection.
    • Complete Necromancer Games collection.
  • Midterm goals
    • Pick up the easy-to-find Cthulhu books I’m still missing
    • Keep my Frog God Games collection up-to-date: There’s the Sword of Air kickstarter that I already joined last year. Not sure what’s in the planning for 2014.
    • Pick up Pathfinder stuff regularly
    • Pick up missing DCC modules
  • Life long goals
    • Find the rare Call of Cthulhu stuff
    • Collect everything Pagan Publishing
    • Collect everything D&D
    • Collect everything TSR
    • Complete the Forgotten Realms and associated settings like Kara-Tur and Al-Qadim

Where I’m at

Here I’ll give a short overview of the number of RPG items per setting/game/system. Between brackets is the number at the beginning of 2013

  • Birthright: 10 books (9)
  • Call of Cthulhu: 296 books (276)
  • Dark Sun: 11 books (9)
  • D&D (including a handful of small press items): 358 books (353)
  • DCC: 82 books (73)
  • D20: 167 books (149)
  • Dragonlance: 52 books (40)
  • Dragon Magazine: 155 books (100)
  • Dungeon Magazine: 103 books (91)
  • Eberron: 21 books (21)
  • Fading Suns: 43 books (43)
  • Forgotten Realms (and associated campaign settings): 242 books (200)
  • Frog God Games: 80 books (57)
  • Godlike: 10 books (10)
  • Greyhawk: 13 books (13)
  • Hollow World: 4 books (4)
  • Imagine Magazine: 30 books (0)
  • Iron Kingdoms: 45 books (44 includes Warmachine, Hordes, and No Quarter)
  • Judges Guild: 22 books (20)
  • Kingdoms of Kalamar: 8 books (8)
  • Lankmahr: 7 books (7)
  • Legend of the Five Rings: 116 books (115)
  • Mystara: 2 book (1)
  • Paizo: 358 books (155) (includes Pathfinder Society Organised Play modules and fiction)
  • Polyhedron Magazine: 87 books (0)
  • Planescape: 4 books (4)
  • Ravenloft: 19 books (19)
  • 7th Sea: 32 books (30)
  • Shadows of Esteren: 7 books (0)
  • Spelljammer: 16 books (13)
  • Spycraft: 19 books (19)
  • TSR Non-D&D: 37 items (32) (Boardgames, Boot Hill, Indiana Jones, Marvel Superheroes, …)
  • Unknown Armies: 11 books (11)
  • White Wolf: 15 books (15)
  • Others: 58 books (40) (Ars Magica, Free RPG Day, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, OSRIC, Qin, …)
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