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Collection update and goals 2013


Collection update and goals 2013

As per the Acaeum’s essay on collection ins and outs I set up a number of collection goals for 2012.

It would be only proper to have a look at those goals and see whether I achieved them or not and to set up some collection goals for 2013.

2012 Short term goals review

The first goal was to keep my Legend of the Five Rings collection complete. This goal I would say I have achieved. I found 8 of the 9 4th edition limited edition books. The only missing so far is the one with the Dragon cover. Also the regular releases have been followed with purchases of the books of earth and air and Second City boxed set.

The second goal was to complete my Godlike collection. Another goal achieved, the GM screen and Black Devils Brigade are in my collection as well these days.

Third goal I failed. Keep my Fading Suns collection up-to-date. I still haven’t found the Shards hardcover and softcover (haven’t looked for them either). Other than that I decided to include the deckplan supplements into my collection as well so those I don’t have either.

Fourth goal I achieved again. Keep my Delta Green collection complete. Strange authorities was added to the collection in both soft and hard cover. I also purchased the softcover of Through a glass darkly but it got waterdamage in the mail so I’ll have to replace that one. This goal won’t be repeated for 2013 since it basically falls under my Call of Cthulhu goals.

Fifth goal : Keep my Pagan Publishing collection up-to-date. That one is pretty easy seeing Pagan’s release schedule so Bumps in the Night was added (a few times) to my collection. The Bumps in the Night Kickstarter also enabled me and a few friends to share a number of RPG sessions with Scott Glancy which is awesome ! The sessions are still ongoing so who knows, maybe they will turn into a blogpost one day.

Sixth goal : Keep my Frog God Games collection up-to-date. This one I would say I didn’t quite achieve. It’s largely due to some Frog God Kickstarters in which I invested some nice sums of money. This has kept me from buying all the new releases but I still increased my Frog God collection with quite some new books so this one is a work in progress.

2012 midterm goals review

Number one : Pick up easy to find Cthulhu books. Yup did that and then some. I think I added about 70 books for Call of Cthulhu alone.

The second goal for completing the Forgotten Realms, well let’s say I didn’t achieve that one. I did pick up a number of books, but haven’t really been actively trying to complete the Realms. And I doubt if I ever will. If I would want the Realms to be complete I’d have to pick up all the RPGA Living Forgotten Realms modules which are quite hard to come by. And well, there’s ‘a few’ novels too.

Pick up Pathfinder stuff regularly was my third midterm goal and another one achieved easily. For this one again, 70-something books were added. By the way, Paizo peeps if you’re reading this, your release schedule is insane! If you collect only Pathfinder, it might be manageable but if you’re like me, collecting pretty much all over the place, it’s nuts.

Number four was picking up missing DCC modules. This I did although I’m nowhere near completion. Especially since the release of the DCC RPG means new books are being released for this line on a regular basis. And Goodman Games feels the need to publish limited edition versions of everything but the kitchen sink.

And the fifth and final midterm goal was to collect everything Necromancer Games. I didn’t actively set out to achieve this goal but I did manage to pick up a shrink-wrapped Rappan Athuk Reloaded, limited edition boxed set of 1000 copies.

2012 lifelong goals review

Collect everything D&D/TSR. I must have failed a sanity check when I wrote that goal. But since it’s a lifelong goal, I’m working on it. Slowly.

Another lifelong goal was to find rare Call of Cthulhu stuff. I would say I did a good job there. I picked up a few items of licensed Cthulhu stuff from the 80-ies. I also picked up several of the early boxed sets including the 2nd print of the 1st edition, the 2nd edition boxed set, and the Gaslight boxed set. Also I was able to play in an RPG session with Sandy Petersen, author of Call of Cthulhu, which definately has to count for something.

The last lifelong goal would be to collect everything Pagan Publishing. Maybe this one is the most achieveable of the lifelong goals. I’ve been working hard on this one, that’s for sure. 2012 saw me adding Courting Madness to my collection, in addition to the player aid kits for Realm of Shadows and Walker in the Wastes, Killer Crosshairs and one of the prints of the Weapons Compendium. And I got my hands on a pre-publication of Unspeakable Oath number 1. So I aced this one.

I can honestly say 2012 was a great year for my collection. And for me as a Call of Cthulhu fan. I was able to play in games with Sandy Petersen and Scott Glancy. It will be hard to top that one in one year.

2013 goals

  • Short term goals
    • Keep my Legend of the Five Rings collection up-to-date: The only thing I’m missing is the 4th edition limited Dragon clan book.
    • Complete my Fading Suns collection: The deckplans are readily available. The Shards I’ll have to see where to pick those up.
    • Keep my Pagan Publishing collection up-to-date: I’m unaware of Pagan’s release schedule for 2013 but this one should not be so difficult.
    • Keep my Frog God Games collection up-to-date: This one will depend on how many Kickstarters Frog God is going to do. They currently have one online for Nicolas Logue’s Razor Coast setting. I haven’t decided yet whether I will jump in on that one. Another thing is that Frog God releases everything for both Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry so if I want this one complete I need to buy pretty much every book twice.
  • Midterm goals
    • Keep my Godlike collection complete.
    • Pick up the easy-to-find Cthulhu books I’m still missing
    • Pick up Pathfinder stuff regularly
    • Pick up missing DCC modules
    • Complete Necromancer Games collection.
  • Life long goals
    • Find the rare Call of Cthulhu stuff
    • Collect everything Pagan Publishing
    • Collect everything D&D
    • Collect everything TSR
    • Complete the Forgotten Realms and associated settings like Kara-Tur and Al-Qadim

Where I’m at

Here’s I’ll give a short overview of the number of RPG items per setting/game/system. Between brackets is the number at the beginning of 2012

  • Birthright: 9 books (4)
  • Call of Cthulhu: 276 books (204)
  • Dark Sun: 9 books (8)
  • D&D (including a handful of small press items): 353 books (329)
  • DCC: 73 books (59)
  • D20: 149 books (131)
  • Dragonlance: 40 books (30)
  • Dragon Magazine: 100 books (91)
  • Dungeon Magazine: 91 books (85)
  • Eberron: 21 books (16)
  • Fading Suns: 43 books (42)
  • Forgotten Realms (and associated campaign settings): 200 books (182)
  • Frog God Games: 57 books (29)
  • Godlike: 10 books (8)
  • Greyhawk: 13 books (12)
  • Hollow World: 4 books (1)
  • Iron Kingdoms: 44 books (44 includes Warmachine, Hordes, and No Quarter)
  • Judges Guild: 20 books (20)
  • Kingdoms of Kalamar: 8 books (8)
  • Lankmahr: 7 books (6)
  • Legend of the Five Rings: 115 books (99)
  • Mystara: 1 book (1)
  • Paizo: 155 books (71)
  • Planescape: 4 books (1)
  • Ravenloft: 19 books (17)
  • 7th Sea: 30 books (30)
  • Spelljammer: 13 books (9)
  • Spycraft: 19 books (19)
  • TSR Non-D&D: 32 items (6) (Boardgames, Boot Hill, Indiana Jones, Marvel Superheroes, …)
  • Unknown Armies: 11 books (11)
  • White Wolf: 15 books (16)
  • Others: 40 books (32) (Ars Magica, Free RPG Day, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, OSRIC, Qin, …)

This means I have passed the 2000 item milestone. To some that might sound quite insane. But there’s collections out there that are waaaaayy bigger than mine. Now if only I would find a house to buy so I could start a game room to showcase my collection, now there’s a goal for 2013.


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