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Chaosium fiction update

Collection update: Chaosium fiction

New additions to my Chaosium Fiction collection

It’s been a while since I’ve done a collection update (or any update for that matter). Over the past months I’ve picked up several items in the Chaosium Fiction line and I’ll give an overview below.

The first book on the list is actually the first fiction release by Chaosium: King of Sartar by Greg Stafford. It’s a collection of ancient Gloranthan manuscripts that provide an anecdotal chronology of the history of Dragon Pass.

Next is Chaosium’s second fiction release and the first to start using the 6xxx numbering of the fiction line. Castle of Eyes by Penelope Love tells the story of Allilole who finds herself within a shadowy, enormous fortress, in the company of strangers.

The Xothic Legend Cycle gathers the complete Mythos fiction of Lin Carter.

The Nyarlathotep Cycle gathers thirteen stories illustrating the different guises of Nyarlathotep, among which the dreaded Black Pharao.

The Hastur Cycle is a comprehensive collection of all the relevant tales with regards to Hastur, the King in Yellow, Carcosa, and so much more by an exquisite cast of writers such as Chambers, Lovecraft, Derleth, Campbell, and Machen.

The Ithaqua Cycle bundles fourteen tales about the Wind-Walker of the Icy Wastes, inspired by Blackwood’s progenitor tale The Wendigo.

Tales out of Innsmouth groups ten new tales and three reprints concerning the half-deserted, seedy little town of Innsmouth that is rarely included on any map of Massachusetts.

The Book of Dzyan transcribes nearly all of Mme. Blavatsky’s famous transcribed messages from beyond and also includes long excerpts from her Secret Doctrine.

The three imposters and other tales is the first of three volumes of Arthur Machen tales published by Chaosium.

The Antarktos Cycle is a massive 500+ page volume full of tales of horror and wonder at the ends of the Earth, including Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness.

The Yith Cycle collects tales of the planet Yith both famous and obscure, replete with time travel, mind-exchange, and thrilling vistas of primordial history.

Edge of Sundown bundles tales of horror that steers away from the usual Western stories. Tales of sorcerers, ghouls, subhuman tribes and many more roaming the Wild West.

My Chaosium Fiction collection

Check here for a full overview of my Chaosium Fiction collection.

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